Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Raymond Stock

21 April 2002 11:40

web cams

What a lovely day, Eldest child at Wimbledon College, Son Still in bed ,husband and seventeen year old daughter, out, so I am able to use our computer at last, the sun is shining and I'm sat here thinking life would be wonderful if only there was a web cam in St Ives (Or maybe there is) have a great day. 


Reporting Team

Hm, a webcam would be difficult ...
There are security cameras around the place so maybe you could hack into them but the problem is that everything that happens here happens in St. Ives time not real time. I'm not sure, even with the benefit of digital technology that modern computer systems would be able to convert St. Ives time into a format that would be intelligible to anybody outside the 'St. Ives biosphere'!
Mind you, I can see your point, if you've still got a sprog in bed at 11:40 am then maybe he would be ideally suited to the Cornish 'manana' mindset.
Sorry, it has taken us a while to reply but we have been rather busy. Hope you enjoyed your lovely day.
PS. Please note: not a single tennis or womble reference. We must be mellowing in our old age!

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