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Radio Cornwall

11 February 2004 12:07


Hello.  My name's Rosie, I'm a Producer at BBC Radio Cornwall.  A few days ago our Breakfast Presenter, James Churchfield, stumbled across you website and found some information about wooden figures, made from the ends of oars.  It said there is now a figure of a Jonny Wilkinson!  The trouble is we can't seem to find it any more and would very much like to talk to whoever makes them.  Could you get in touch if you can solve our dilema please.

Kind Regards.


Rosie Dunkley
BBC Radio Cornwall

Vile Jelly

11 February 2004 17:03

Oh dear, you're going to be in trouble when they find out that you've been reading scurrilous websites!
Anyway, before the authorities come to get me I've had a word with Steve Martin (for 'tis he). He lives in Carbis Bay and can be contacted on [a telephone]. I warned him that you are after him but he seemed fairly relaxed about it.
Let us know if you are going to do a feature on him so I can listen to (or tape) it.

Radio Cornwall

12 February 2004 10:28

Thanks very much for that Paul.  We'll get in touch with him at some point soon and let you know if/when he'll be on.

Vile Jelly

12 February 2004 10:45

Nyet problemski.

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