17 February 2004 11:23

Guardian Angel

Your longevity can be attributed to your knowing the right sort of Saintly one. However, if you continue to say unkind things about Penzance (that has produced a larger number of great Cornishmen than has ST I's) the Saintly Guardian Angel may withdraw his saintly protection. I accept that some Penzancians can be a wisht looking lot but not all of us can be perfect. Re your ramblings to our colonial cousin, may i point out that the correct spelling is Calais not Cali. I have never noticed any surfers in Calais and believe this is something to do with the number of floating car transporters using this, once quaint, little fishing port. However, as a trusting soul/sole I am willing to accept that there are surfers in calais. The Saintly one hopes that they remain there. Funny re the BNP although why representatives of a large French bank want to go to Penzance in teh first place is somewhat beyond me. Even more surprising is that they were allowed in. Why has Cornwall not got it's own bank? - - (The extreme left has caused more death, destruction and misery than the extreme right has ever caused - why then do the right always get the bad press? )   - - - Toddle Pip -
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

17 February 2004 15:09

Ah but thou speakest of the Pensans that once was but is no more. Now, it is just a dump filled with druggies, drop-outs and delinquents. Even the statues of your heroes, espesh. Sir Humpty Davey (inventor of the miner's lamp and the boiled egg) have pleaded with the local authorities to be re-located.

I apologise for the typo but for once, unbelievably but truly, you have got it wrong. I did not mean Calais but Kali, the Indian goddess of evil and darkness. And where else is there more evil and darkness than in the land of Kali?

Finally, Cornwall has got its own bank but unfortunately (probably due to crappy EU regs) the other banks refuse to accept the pastie, seagull or
squashed emmet as valid currencies.

PS. Because the extreme right did it so much better. Who wants to watch another dismal B&W film of the 2738th meeting of the Politburo being incomprehensibly harangued by Stalin when you can have the Nuremberg rallies in colour with subtitles?


18 February 2004 16:36

The US of Bush?

Vile Jelly

19 February 2004 09:07

Less of the US, I'm having nothing to do with Dubya!

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