Sue Neill

21 February 2004 20:00

your mast

Hi  greetings from Gotham long time no speak. Regarding the mast that will soon be radiating your skies, fields etc- are they just going to erect it or will it be disguised? Driving along our main road just after Christmas I thought I must be hallucinating as a giant tree had suddenly appeared. It looks like a really bad fake Christmas tree that your Grandma had put up after half a bottle of sherry when she couldn't be bothered anymore and just shoved the branches in any old how. Sooo bad! Perhapes the St Ives mast could be disguised as a work of art, or a large sculpture I feel an artistic challenge coming on for your artist community
Take care - can't believe you didn't have any snow!   Sue

Vile Jelly

22 February 2004 10:15

Well, as it is called a Tetra mast we assumed that it would just be disguised as a giant carton of milk!
We were hoping that they'd put it in the Tate thus killing two birds (and several thousand emmets) with one microwave.
Nope, no snow. Winwaloe is still clinging to his childish delusion that it snows in St. Ives but on closer cross-examination it was revealed that he had been in the Tinner's Arms (well, Ms. Mermaid's flippers to be precise) in Zennor at the time and therefore his evidence was regarded as about as reliable as his miracles!

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