Gill Richards

01 March 2004 13:38

RE: hi

Good oh, we'd have no-one to chat to then. Surely rising damp wouldn't be a problem? There would be nowhere for the damp to rise to; it being all around.
It took me 3.5 hours to travel 30 miles on Thursday. Bristol was completely solid, just because the sky turned white - and the roads, pavements, cars etc. I've lost count of the people who got home quickly; and told me!!! If i didn't have to go out for a survey it would have taken me the usual 30 mins. Well p'd off. Just count yourself lucky that you didn't get any. (snow that is).
Tyson. If it's true then yes, it is eerily accurate. I did it as semi requested and am Rei: Quiet and Loyal. Friends would tell you i'm not that quiet, but i am really. I have seen Bay Blade occasionally, on the way through when surfing the TV. Eminently suitable for small boys.
Poop poop

Vile Jelly

01 March 2004 14:37

But surely, if the damp did rise it would be a major problem for the denizens of the sea's bottom. For a start if all the damp rose then it would be bone dry which might cause them a problem.
I didn't know you were a surveyor. What do you survey? Quantities? Mountain ranges?
Rei, eh? That's a creditable effort. Now all we need is a couple of people to score a Max and a Kai and we could have our own TV show. Not sure what you mean about 'suitable for small boys', though. I found the whole thing remarkably educational and it should be part of the national curriculum. I've learned bugger all from 'reality' TV, soup operas and chat shows but Beyblade has taught me the following:-
Everyone is your enemy (except your friends)
Anyone who appears to be your friend will ultimately betray you
There is a conspiracy to nobble you
Never trust anyone with luminous neon hair
People who appear to be sinister, mad scientists ..... are
Everyone wants to get their hands on your beastly bits
You must crush your opponents (before they crush your beastly bits)
What better tool could there be to educate the sprogs as to the realities of life that they will have to deal with?
Let it rip!
Parp Parp

Gill Richards

01 March 2004 15:16


tell me if you get this, my reply keeps getting rejected.

Vile Jelly

01 March 2004 16:47

But how will I know if I don't get it??

PS. Re. reply situation, your electro-bosses may have some sort of filter on the e-mails so try cutting out all the abusive swear words!

Gill Richards

02 March 2004 08:37

because you'll wonder why i haven't replied to our other dubious line of conversation.

PS i haven't written anything i shouldn't have!!! The only thing i wrote was a description of my job. In the split second it takes to reject sending it, it couldn't have read that. Obviously it's a huge secret!

i'll try pasting the reply onto a new mail.

Gill Richards

02 March 2004 08:38

has this worked?

Didn't think of that! Could be a real problem . You could have the equivalent of a beach underneath the sea; dry star fish, crispy seaweed, stuck limpets, rubbish....

Not as such, i'm a project planner by title. I look after the building/accommodation side of all operational buildings owned by the company in my email address. If someone wants to put a new rack in or create a new cable hole (that sort of thing) then i get involved. I've been v busy for the last 9 months with Broadband.

But all men are small boys at heart - 'No man ever grows up; his toys just get more expensive'. I'm not surprised you've learnt nothing from reality shows, apart from the fact that there are a lot of stupid people out there.
Some very important lessons there, but please, can you explain 'beastly bits'? I have an idea, but i may be wide of the mark!!!
PS Does the neon hair have to be spikey?
I think i can.......

Vile Jelly

02 March 2004 09:24

Massage deceived proud and queer ..... I think!

Hmm, the beastly bits. Therein lies the very essence of the subtle subversiveness of japanese cartoons. On the mundane level Joe Q. Public (M and F) battle with their beyblades in a sort of whirly spinning top kind of game. But the top beybladers have secret weapons in their whirly things which are sort of stylised megabeasts which come out and battle each other in the subliminal ether while the tops get on with bashing each other down in the real world. I'm not sure where the baddies got theirs from (the story, or part of it) is currently being revealed on Cartoon Network as we speak (tune in 8pm every week day night. I discovered it because I liked the Cramp Twins and Robot Jones which follow immediately after beyblade. Also, my nephew is 8 and called Max so he is doubly into it for obvious reasons).

Anyway, the four main characters' bit beasts are some sort of mythological spirits from the dawn of time (or maybe an hour or so later if they had a lie-in). Theirs are the strongest so everyone is out to nobble them. Part of the gag is that only they and the other top beybladers can actually see the bit beasts. Hilary is a (slightly stroppy) girl from Tyson's school who hangs out with them and she couldn't see them for ages, much to her frustration and Tyson's merriment. Elsewhere sinister organisations are trying to steal the bit beasts to use their power for themselves.

So, to summarise: Hilary wanted to see their beastly bits but they wouldn't show them to her. Meanwhile the group of smallish boys is forced to constantly scrap and run to prevent nasty men from getting their hands on the boys' beastly bits.

I'm sure there has to be a metaphor in there somewhere .....

PS. No, just as long as it is a garish neon hue and looks like you've just
stuck your fingers in a live plughole.

PPS. You think you can what?

Gill Richards

02 March 2004 09:56

I think there was something strange about your last reply, which is why i couldn't reply to it.

We used to have Cartoon Network, but then we were transferred to digital and changed the package, so we have to pay more to get it. I think it's something we should do though, there are a lot of goodies on it.

Ok, i sort of understand that; the beastly bits come out of the beyblades.
Does sound slightly dodgy...

Ps  ok

pps get up the hill. Thomas. Poop poop.

Vile Jelly

02 March 2004 14:23

Something strange? Surely not. I am as normal as the next inter-dimensional hellspawn!

All good clean fun on Cartoon Network, you need the Red Hot Dutch channel for what you're thinking of.

PPS. I was always more of a Percy fan. Peep Peep.

Gill Richards

02 March 2004 14:34

I know. I have received 2 mails from places i don't know who expect me to open a file for details since our minor hiccup. Something attached itself in the ether maybe.

The Goodies are on the Red Hot Dutch channel are they? I like the Power Puff Girls and Dexters Lab.

Ps all v good

pps since the hiccup the emails have been in a different format ie don't shrink as they go down the page. Any different that end?

Vile Jelly

02 March 2004 15:30

Sounds like you're being spammed and/or spoofed. Get your IT boffins to enter the matrix and kick electro-butt.

PPGs seem a bit suspiciously bull-dyke to me at times, although I do like (and I wish I had) their cuddly octopus. Had to stop watching Dexter as I found Dee-Dee (or however you spell it) just too much of a raunchy blonde sex-bomb to be able to cope with on dark, lonely nights. Do those legs really go all the way up?

PPS. All electric mails seem normal at my end so it sounds like someone has thrown a spaniard in your works.

Gill Richards

02 March 2004 15:54

Yes, maybe i should tell someone!!!

Mmmmm, but i wish i could fly and had super powers. Dee Dee reminds me of Phoebe in her early years (or me and my brother!!) All legs go all the way up, it's just that some go up further than others. BTW you're sad. Do you think Betty Rubble is gorgeous as well?

Ps ok

Vile Jelly

03 March 2004 08:31

Hm, I think gentlejellies prefer blondes. Can't say Betty Rubble has ever
had that effect on me, though that may be because I was never that much into the Flintstones. T&J saw to all my childhood cartoon needs and taught me everything I needed to know about dealing with domestic pets (which makes Animal Hospital such a dull disappointment)!

PS2. Of course, I'm sad. I'm me. You would be too if you were.

Gill Richards

03 March 2004 16:27

Fair enough, each to their own. T&J was a hoot, we always had to call my Dad in when it was on. Life was so much simpler then. It was either T&J or nothing! My cats don't know the rules though. Any toys that represent mice get trashed.

ps talking of which, any sign of a job yet?

Vile Jelly

03 March 2004 17:22

Well, mice are fair game ..... just don't let them start molesting bulldog
pups or you-know-what happens!

PS. Yes, one went past only last week. Unfortunately they did not see my
smoke signal and so I remain marooned on the Isle of Destitution. I feel a
Lord Of The Flies situation coming on soon.

Gill Richards

04 March 2004 16:11

Yes, the cat ends up worse off!!!

ps. oh dear. Easter's on it's way, they'll want you back soon.

Vile Jelly

05 March 2004 09:00

Pah! Don't kid yourself. The way things are going I shall be in a cardboard box under an M6 flyover before I get the merest whiff of gainful employment down here.

Violence appears to be the solution and the only way forward to peace and contentment.

Gill Richards

05 March 2004 13:44

No you won't. You haven't got any money to get there! And anyway the only thing under the M6 flyover is the M5 so you'd get squashed. Are the RT still spending your benefit on beer? Send them out to do some freelance work to bring in some pennies.

You'd noticed that too? Apparently everyone has to live like Americans as well.

Vile Jelly

05 March 2004 17:36

That's why I've been practicing all that long-distance walking.

Don't talk to me about the RT! Helling was going on about getting in touch with our feminine sides and they thought that meant ringing up those dodgy chatlines. I thought I was getting the latest edition of the Yellow Pages delivered yesterday but it turned out to be the phone bill.

But I want to live like an American! ..... Just an old-style native one, that's all!

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