Andrew Macdonald

01 March 2004 17:33

RE: No idea.

What's Les selling?  Timeshare in Charlestown?  Double glazing?  Garden furniture?

In fact, I am just working on a receipt involving lobster and a bottle of
Black Rat stout.

And leave the duck out of it.  It's not its fault it's foul.

Caesar adsum iam forte.

Vile Jelly

02 March 2004 08:46

He's selling mains (Spanish ones, I presume).

Working on a 'receipt'? Hopefully one that says 'Received in payment for one bottle of Black Rat, one stroppy feminist lobster'!

Brutus aderat
Caesar sic in omnibus
Brutus sic in hat

PS. Have you taken the beyblade test yet? Gill (Richards) has and got a very credible result.

Andrew Macdonald

02 March 2004 17:48

Thank you. I could never remember the rest of that.  Probably cost me an A in Latin O level.

Actually, more of a receipt along the lines of "Put large pan of water on
stove.  While it is coming to the boil, drink Black Rat.  Have enormous
Wusthof and jar of mayo to hand.  Take one stroppy feminist

johnny.gif (18293 bytes)

Vile Jelly

03 March 2004 08:44

Dunno, I only managed to scrape a C, despite my in-depth knowledge of cod latin. I blamed all the Asterix books because I could only ever remember the silly latin pun names.

PS. I warned you that the Beyblade truth-ometer is remarkably accurate. No wonder Helling is faking "I can't get it to work" excuses!

PPS. Must remember to remind Winwaloe to have a go. Bwahahahaha!

Andrew Macdonald

04 March 2004 08:15

Likewise.  Though I suppose cod latin is now on the endangered species list, and we'll have to make do with farmed sea bass latin, probably pan-fried and resting on a bed of crushed celeriac with thyme and coriander, enlivened with a jus of fennel, lemon grass and wd40.

Talking of which, there's a very old joke about wd40....

[Yes, but Holly may be reading - The Censors]


Vile Jelly

04 March 2004 08:55

Hm, so cod latin could be in danger of becoming an extinct species dead language. Hell, you don't get much deader than that (apart from mental activity on reality TV shows)!

PS. Reading a blockbuster thriller at the mo. Claims Troy was in the fens and not as previously advertised by Homer's Travel Agency (Mediterranean cruises our speciality). Reason for 'Trojan' War? An economic punch-up over ..... tin!

I kid you not.

Will let you know how it ends ASAP. In the meantime, don't talk to any strange wooden horses.

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