08 March 2004 08:57

Re: The Flashing (Bey)Blade

Obvious I must be a Tala - however it all looks very unusual and the sort of things us Saints dislike.

Pullman for King

Vile Jelly

08 March 2004 10:05

Hah! Bloody typical cheating. You're supposed to take the test, not just pick what answer you think makes you look good.
I suppose we shouldn't have expected anything from else from a fake fakir, a sham shaman, a pseudo-psaint, a pretend prophet, a bogus brahmin, an imaginary imam, a meaningless messiah, a deluded druid.
Annie & Clarabel for Queens!


09 March 2004 08:59

Hoighty toighty!! - As a most Saintly Saint and a leading memeber of the great and good I don't have to take the test just let you know what type I have agreed to be. Oh ye of little faith!

Vile Jelly

09 March 2004 09:03

Little? Absolutely bugger all, I think you'll find.

Anyway, how can you be a leading member of the great and good when you live in the Palace of Satan which is that flatulent orifice of a city they call London?


10 March 2004 10:31

Ah-  but do I? - that is part of the wonder of email.Is my chariot parked in a London street or does the Saintly staff touch the home granite of somewhere else? - Am I really someone else? did they walk over the sands to meet me on my special day?  - Watch the sky (or the fish and chip shop) -

Vile Jelly

10 March 2004 11:17

Well, I assume that like every other bloated plutocrat you own a place everywhere. You strike me as the sort of Home Counties economic fascist who'd buy up properties you don't need or want just for the pleasure of denying them to those that do and do.

PS. If that was the case they would be called the Emmetporth Sands, wouldn't they?

PPS. Why would we need to watch the chip shop when we can rely on you for a load of cods!

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