Gill Richards

09 March 2004 15:59

RE: has this worked?

So, have you had an answer from Winwaloe yet? I notice he features in the news pages a fair amount, has he upset you?

I see your regulars have done the quiz. What does this tell you about your readers?

I thought the Shauns had already got in touch with their feminine side. A turn in the washing machine is very similar to a bubble bath! You'll definitely have to send them out to work if you have those premium rate calls to pay for.

do you have anyone in mind to scalp?

Vile Jelly

09 March 2004 16:30

Yes, sort of. It wasn't worth waiting for. Apparently he is too 'special' to join in the fun 'n' games with us mere mortals. Therefore no great loss to SSI (or humanity).

There are only three of them.

I did broach the W word with them but apparently you can get these fantastic loans from quality finance companies. They saw the ads on the TV. So they say the financial future is sorted. Quite why my few goods and chattels are being removed from the house by bailiffs eludes me at the mo, though no doubt all will be revealed in due course.

Oh lordy, yes!

Gill Richards

11 March 2004 14:32

sod him then. Miserable git.

I know, but what does it tell you?!

They don't understand about pay back then? no wonder the bailiffs are coming around. Don't let them take your collection of old beer bottles.
You could always threaten the RT that the cuddly collection could be worth something.....

The list is far too long to publish i expect.

BTW i'm off for a weeks leave tomorrow, so if i don't get a reply before 4, have fun, we'll speak in a week.

Vile Jelly

11 March 2004 15:58


Well, despite what Ms. Lobster might think, I prefer to look on the bright side of things. As far as I am concerned a few loyal friends are worth more than several legions of acquaintances or hangers-on.

I keep thinking about revenge on the RT but what sort of git would be cruel to cuddly peeps?

Mebbe. But hopefully it's just a case of prioritising the more needful cases!

BLT (with mustard mayo); message noted. We'll try not to slag you off too much behind your back . It just wouldn't feel like a proper week out of the office if you still had to endure treacherous, backstabbing betrayal!

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