Carole Broughton

19 March 2004 16:17

Samba Kernow

You have a photo of Samba Kernow on your website.  Any chance I could buy a copy of the photo from you?  My cousin appears in it, who sadly died recently, and I would greatly appreciate a copy as a memento for our family album.
Alternatively, if you could email the jpg, I could try and find someone with a better printer than me to take a copy.
Hope you can assist.
Carole Broughton

Vile Jelly

19 March 2004 16:51

File (hopefully!) attached. I would have thought that if you download the file on to a floppy or whatever that any half decent photo establishment would be able to translate it into a digi piccy. The resolution may not be very expandable because I have to scrunch the digi-pics to make them work on the internet.
PS. We would never charge for people blagging our stuff for their own personal enjoyment but thanks for asking.

Carole Broughton

20 March 2004 07:04

thanks very much for the prompt reply.  Will do as you suggest.
Best wishes

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