Steve Collier

22 March 2004 15:26

taking my name in vain

I have been accused of many things in my lifetime -some true- but to be accused of hiding behind the pseudonym  'winwaloe' is taking things a bit far - it ain't me guv!
I'll be down the onion about 9 this evening for a pint or two of doom if you wish to interrogate me further (the more doom you buy me the looser my tongue will get; an appropriate subject for discussion could be all the TT in China - he'll be there tonight
Steve Collier

Vile Jelly

22 March 2004 16:57

To be honest (you can see why I got the boot from the Sloop!), I never suspected that it was you but I was hoping that the accusation might flush him out from under the rocks and on to the hook. Sadly he remains as elusive as a Maurice Symons pay-rise.
Alas and alack (or a lass is what I lack) I have previous sinister plans for this evening so will not be able to join you for this one. Mind you, TT's movements seem to be revised on a daily basis so I shall wait to ensure that he is not all mouth and no trousers. (I suspect that failure on my part to give him the benefit of the doubt at this stage would result in me being all mouth and no teeth!).
Who knows, maybe we'll meet up in some bright and beautiful future, when we can gather together on a dark, stormy night. Throw another emmet on the fire, raise a glass and talk of the days of olden glory. In the meantime, I'm just hoping that the Cornish Shrek comes back and runs a pub somewhere within a reasonable staggering distance for me.

Steve Collier

22 March 2004 19:05

I hope you resolve yourlackofalass this evening -there wouldn't have been much chance of that in the onion on a cold Monday night in March (as much chance as snow in St. Ives - winwaloe take note). I look forward to some future emmet roasting with our amiable host (the cornish shrek?) casting an approving eye in that bright and beautiful  future which I anticipate we should  soon be experiencing. In the meantime its off to Woonsmith tomorrow for my last days fishing with TT before his oriental expedition starting Thursday 

Vile Jelly

23 March 2004 09:41

As in Shrek the animated film thingy of a couple of year's back. He's a big green ogre (Shrek, that is) who just wants to be left to slob about in his swamp in peace but gets dragged into a 'bash the baddy/rescue the princess' sort of adventure when a far away evil power decides to dump its unwanted crud (classic fairy-tale characters!) in Shrek's swamp. It's very funny and quite possibly a sly metaphor for what's happening in Cornwall these days!

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