Lucinda Stevenson

22 March 2004 22:43


Hi! I side with Winwaloe in the obsessive emmet game of diss the skateboarder. I say get a life, look to the Midlands etc where the local yoofs, as you so sweetly call them, are burning cars and mugging just about anybody they can. Lets get real here, your dear little site that poaches the Echo because you cannot get off your ass to speak to anybody, is a site for emmets by emmets! Get a life Paully, as some sad wit in a past mail calls you, or do something useful for a change! Yours, a born and bred who'd love to be able to afford to come home. Bet you don't put this one on your cosy little e-mail page. Cough, cough!

Vile Jelly

23 March 2004 09:29

The people I speak to (oh yes, I do) are not emmets. There are still a few locals hither and thither if you know where to look. In fact, the most vocal of the upset business peeps I know are St. Ives born, bred and still live and work here. How do I know that hardly anyone turns up for the Police Skateboard rallies? Because I was told so by someone who attended. You, on the udder hand, by your own admission are not living in St. Ives, so where are you getting your information from?
As for the claim that SSI is a website by an emmet for emmets. Cheers! That makes my day. There's nothing like a completely crass statement for making a critic look like a berk! Here you are supporting Winwaloe and accusing me of writing for emmets  ..... while Winwaloe, who is an emmet, is railing against me for criticising emmets. You're saying that you'd love to come back to St. Ives but can't afford to and then slag off SSI, which, as anyone with a minimum of on eye and one braincell could work out, has been a vocal supporter of 'first homes for locals before second homes for emmets'. Good luck supporting the Winwaloes if that's what you want to do but I think you'll find that they'll be the ones moving into St. Ives, not you!
So, thanks but I already have got a life. And I think I'll keep fighting to prevent it being ruined by the carpet-baggers. You never know. Maybe one day you or your descendants will be able to move back to St. Ives. Of course, there won't be much point moving back if the place has been reduced to an over-developed, suburban, concrete shithole in the meantime, will there?
PS. SSI publishes everything (unless it's illegal, indecent or untruthful, which has never happened to date). Even stinging criticism. Why don't you check out the John Oswin ( letter. He didn't seem to think SSI was being written for emmets. Of course, you'd know this already if you'd spent some time going through the evidence before launching your attack. Cough. Cough!
PPS. It's a free country. If you don't like what's in SSI you could always counter it with your own website. No? 'S funny, I pointed out the same thing to Saint (you really support an emmet who thinks he's a Cornish saint??) Winwaloe and he wasn't interested either. Guess it's far easier to criticise someone else's work than do your own. And you accuse me of not being prepared to get off my arse and do something!

Lucinda Stevenson

24 March 2004 23:57

Oooh! Didn't he bite! Will reply in full and fully address all the bits you
slagged me off for when I have time and can be really assed. Stay cool,

Vile Jelly

25 March 2004 09:33

The infant is in the freezer. Don't strain yourself.

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