Lucinda Stevenson

04 April 2004 11:14

Re: I now have a little time.

You're going all over defensive on me again. We all live in and around this town and want whats best for it, if you had been at all the possible meetings you would have known what was being asked for. I thought you had your own contacts who would have brought you up to speed. We are a small community and everyone knows everyone or they know a man who does, so it doesn't pay to slag someone off. Yes Trude,( normal nickname) knows that since she has the job she has she will never please all of the people, and is up for taking some stick where deserved or otherwise since it goes with the territory, being called such things as pitiful however tend to stick in the craw. So now that things seem better from your perspective, although why you should ever think providing our yoofs with a skatepark was down to the cops alone I'll never understand, she has asked that instead of knocking her and her boss you lend a hand. She has asked me to pass on her compliments and to ask if you will help OSSKA set up it's own website when it goes for the site at the Rugby Club so that instead of slagging off those who are genuinely trying to do something, you can put something into the society that you say you are a part of. She says that you know where to find her if you are willing to help! She also said that as her name ends in i it is not a derivitive of either Ermentrude or Gertrude, which are both German, but is from the Swiss version, like Heidi. She will however answer to most thing provided they are polite! Enjoyed your latest page, much improved whilst still good fun. Cheers, The Lady.

Vile Jelly

04 April 2004 16:12

Can't think why I'd go all defensive. It's almost as inexplicable as why people curl up in a ball when they're having the crap kicked out of them. It also presupposes that the only way to settle an argument is to shout very loudly and ignore counterpoints. I was actually brought up in the educated tradition of debating a point of contention. Still, I suppose it is the inevitable consequence of being prepared to do something yourself and stand up and be counted for it. It is, after all, far easier to just sit on the touchlines and cherry pick your arguments when it suits you. Oddly enough despite the many accusations of malfeasance, incompetence and error not one of those critics has actually had the honesty or commitment to counter SSI with their own website.
You miss the point as to my railing against Trudes & co. I never thought that getting the skateboard park was down to the police. What upset me and what I commented on in the website bulletins, if you care to backtrack through them, was that the police appeared to be only concerned with providing the park. Whenever the subject cropped up in the press it seemed to boil down to resis/visitors complaining about skateboard harassment and the police saying that it was because there wasn't a skateboard park. There never seemed to be any public admission on the part of the police that there was any sort of criminality taking place within the skateboarder flocks. As I said in my e-mus with Winwaloe last week, what came out of the meeting at the Guildhall seemed to be the first public admission that there was a law and order problem, not just a leisure issue, involved. Now that that situation has been acknowledged I feel more inclined to charity.
That said, I'm not sure what use I'd be to Trudes and OSSKA. For starters I am old and decrepit and I thought the problem was that there was a lack of young blood coming into OSSKA. Also, as you have never hesitated to point out, my website's crap. Why would you want such a turkey as myself to set up another poo website? Would you really trust someone who is "slagging off those who are genuinely trying to do something"? Given that you have railed against anything and everything I've done on the website how can you logically justify asking for my input? Abuse may be the highest form of flattery but I fear your man-management skills might need working on!
However, in the unlikely event that your assassins haven't caught up with me and I'm still alive when these things come to pass I could help Trudes out if she's desperate. (She'll know where to find me). That said, you seem to have your finger completely on the pulse of everything so wouldn't it be better if you did it?
PS. The 'i' on the end of names is a diminutive in the German language, not a Swiss affectation. Same as we stick 'i's and, more usually, 'y's on the end of diminutives in English. (Hardly surprising given the philological commonalities of English and German). Hence, 'Hansi', 'Fredi', 'Dolfi', 'Willi', etc. I presume that Trudi is a diminutive of Gertrude (I'm not even sure that Ermintrude is a real name!). Of course, I'm not disputing that Trudi is a 'Trudi' as opposed to a Gertrude but it is like when parents these days actually christen their sprogs 'Bill' rather than 'officially William but universally known as Bill'. Still, at the end of the day 'Es macht nichts, nicht wahr?'.
PPS. How come you are acting as Trudes' interpreter? I know she can speak, read and write and, as you have pointed out, she knows how and where to find me.

Lucinda Stevenson

04 April 2004 21:27

1. I don't know you well enough, nor your little side-kicks to be able to 'cherrypick jack shit. I take you as I find you and that is wanting.

2. We have all heard the shit about roving gangs of 90+ kids terrorising the good folk of Ives, in reality they flock like gulls in bands much smaller, and then migrate like swallows when it is time for bed. They rarely congregate in bands much larger that 25 unless it's summer and they are on the beach (piss) PS I don't give a flying fuck about Winwaloe or your conversations with the sad twat.

3. Why not? Over the hill at 30ish are we? Well forget it then and let OSSKA have some 20yr old techno wizz kid do it instead. Just another example of your appalilng lack of moral fibre, you have just 24hrs to decline officially.

4. Trudi was baptised Trudi.

5. If she could turn her head to see you and didn't, doesn't that say something more about your lack of persona. Why didn't you have the neck to go over to speak to her if you say she knows you. She's not proud, she'll speak to anybody so she says!

Vile Jelly

05 April 2004 11:20

1. Au contraire, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, you do it very well. Then why bother trying to engage my services?

2. I haven't heard that one, where was it reported? As for the little angels being tucked up in bed when the sun goes down. I have info that says otherwise. As the authorities know.

[Ah, abusive expletives. The last refuge of the intellectually bankrupt!]

3. Oh, definitely over the hill. I couldn't even skateboard when I was 10 and so there is no chance of me mastering the techniques now. The point which you so carefully miss (See? I told you you were good at cherry-picking arguments) is that (a) as I said, Trudi was last seen in the press pleading for 'young' people to come forward and (b) I didn't say I wouldn't do it, I said I couldn't see why you would want ME to do it. Why wouldn't OSSKA want a 20 year old whizz kid who understands the skateboard culture and language and, more importantly, understands HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc., as opposed to a self-taught layman who limps along with crappy old MS FrontPage? Anyway, going back to the heretical notion of actually reading what I wrote you will see that I said "[if] I'm still alive when these things come to pass I could help Trudes out if she's desperate.". In what way, does that constitute a declinature?

Incidentally, are you some sort of representative or spokesbod for OSSKA? If you are, you are doing an appalling PR job for them. If anyone was in any doubt as to the veracity of the claims that the skateboarding community likes nothing better than to heap foul-mouthed abuse on those who don't share their views your last reply does an excellent job of supporting those claims!

4. Didn't say she wasn't christened Trudi. Since you started with the 'Swiss' explanation I just thought you might be interested in a little digression into the origins of names. No shame in learning something.

5. No, it says something about the layout of the Sloop. Unless Trudes has got X-ray vision she might have difficulty seeing through the intervening partition (swirly glass and all). As for coming over to speak to her, I might consider it now, at least for the reason mooted below. However, as she is only in the Sloop when she is off-duty and, as I was brought up to have manners and not butt into peoples' private moments, I have given her the courtesy of a bit of privacy. How horrible of me!

Anyway, back at the cherry-picking you still haven't explained why you are acting as Trudi's go-between. As I haven't had so much as an intimation of interest (or otherwise) from Trudes (who you've said knows who I am and where to find me [your e-mail 31 March 2004 21:41]) for all I know you could be making the whole thing up.

Lucinda Stevenson

06 April 2004 00:34

Yeh, yeh, deserved the slap, not only from you but also got one from Trudi, literally, for using bad language. No I am nothing to do with OSSKA and have no axe to grind either way. It's been a bit of fun in an otherwise boring life at the moment,however I concede and will hand you over to Trudi herself, provided you promise not to put her e-mail address into the public domain at any point. I take it that you are happy to help OSSKA and if so Trudes will be delighted. Once you have replied with affirmatives I will cease to darken your door, The Lady.

Vile Jelly

06 April 2004 08:50

Fairy nuff.

Spooky St. Ives never publishes anyone's e-mail address (unless they've asked for it to be promulgated for whatever reason). I do reserve the right to pass on e-mail addresses to the relevant authorities in the unlikely event that someone is trying to propagate racist, criminal or whatever stuff. Someone I know, who is a real website guru, sends them e-mail bombs and various other electric unpleasantnesses if they try it on his forum but that's way out of my league!

Tell Trudes she is welcome to come a-proposing any time and I'll give her OSSKA nominations every consideration. However, I will not blindly commit myself to anything (not just this particular instance) and reserve the right to make my own judgments. (Which is not unreasonable, I trust). As I said, I can't skateboard and the culture's not exactly my cup of cha but if what services I can provide might be of some use I'm game (subject to availability at the time, obviously).

Lucinda Stevenson

07 April 2004 23:53

Sorry for the delay, my system crashed and Trudi was not going to be back on line until today, perhaps she has already been in touch? If you would like to help the man to see is Peter Williams at the candle shop in Fore Street, he is going to be the , excuse atrocious pun, guiding light behind OSSKA from now on. It was his idea apparently to put OSSKA on the net. He is online and I'm sure he could do with some help from an officionado such as yourself. Go on Jelly, bite the bullet. I agree with you that a skateboarder detester could actually be useful in the creation of a balanced website. I think I cocked up again, if I can use that expression on this so polite interface, what Trudi wishes is dialogue with you alone and not to have her posted along with the other few who regularly chat to you. If that's not allowed then please tell her when and if she get's in touch. I may be seeing her tomorrow and expect another ticking off! We're good mates really!! I have made nuffink up in our chats together, I have never been in the Sloop with her so have no idea where she sits however the idea of you spying on her I found unsettling. Promise me you'll go and speak to her if it happens again. Hope to speak to you again provided she doesn't unplug me, The Lady.

Vile Jelly

08 April 2004 09:35

No sign of her, so far. [Spoke to her today (Good Friday)]

As for e-mail confidentiality, I assumed that your initial enquiry was a reasonable concern that Trudes' e-address would get into the public domain, hence my "SSI doesn't publish them" reply. Trudes can write to me in complete privity if she so wants. Because people usually e-mail me via the links on the webby I assume (as it says in the small print) that they are consenting to have their comments (but not their details) promulgated. People have on occasion writ with a "not for publication" caveat attached and as long as I know that from the start then it's not a problem.

I'll have a word (hopefully) with Trudes before putting my foot in it any further with OSSKA, in case they hold grudges! (Done my time on committees, mainly sports club type. Can't stand the bleeping things!). Despite the, no doubt overwhelming, impression that I give, I am not a skateboarder detester. Generally, I'm completely ambivalent about them but I am utterly opposed to what appears to be a deteriorating situation in Downlong for which I think there should be no justification. Officially my position is that, ideally, I want a skateboard park built (up top because that's where the vast majority of the local youthery lives these days, so it's the fair and logical location for one. Ironically, that would move them nearer to where I live. as opposed to my relis and friends whose sufferings in Downlong I've been trying to represent, so I can hardly be accused of NIMBYism!). I then want the local authorities to work out a viable plan to try and restore a little order and tranquillity to Downlong. It tends to be hell on wheels anyway in the Summer but if things keep going the way they appear to be at the minute there is a great danger of a permanent 'siege mentality' developing among Downlong resis/businesses. I think if the right sort of skateboard facilities are properly installed and run, then it would be fair to warn off the legit boarders from the Wharf, Guildhall, Warren, etc., which would hopefully make it possible for the police & co. to visit suitable retribution upon the genuine malefactors currently camouflaging their activities amid the current general scrum of boarders.

PS. I'd have to refute the charge of 'spying'. As you've pointed out, St. Ives is a goldfish bowl and so, you inevitably get to recognise (if not be personally acquainted with) a lot of people. The Sloop not exactly being the place to go to avoid the public eye it is hardly surprising that Trudes would get noticed. I only mentioned it because you wanted to know why (a) T hadn't spotted me and (b) I hadn't approached her. Unless it involves something spectacularly weird (and preferably funny) I'm not remotely interested in what people get up to socially. As the Reporting Team would tell you, I don't 'do' humans!

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