05 April 2004 11:07

Winwaloe the Warrior Saint

What's all this nonsense about pinning me down and keeping me under control. The fact of the matter is that, like any Saint worth his chariot, I will agree when fair to do so and disagree when it is not. Carry on taking which ever side of an argument that suits you at the time and I will be in there pointing out the error of your ways. But, come up with something sensible and pragmatic and the Saintly one will smile on you and touch you head (from afar) with praise. I like the sound of this Lucinda Stevenson (watch what you say about Newlyn, there may be connections)she seems a very sensible and "to the point" type. Very probably a Saint as well. I will watch out for her in the skies over St.I's.  Actually you should be eternally grateful for people like us. We bring a measure of sense and real issues to your emails. Looking through the other senders all is fine if you are in to the private jokes, have some idea what/who a soup dragon is or understand about something that appears to have a connection with spuds. All these things are fine in private email communication but leave much to be desired on a fairly large, "public" website. So be grateful, very grateful for the Saints and Saintesses who have something real to say and get you out of the pub. That reminds me. I was reading one of DvB's books the other day when the subject of the change of Landlord at the Sloop was mentioned. Nothing changes it appears. The Sloop is dead, Long live the Sloop.  £30k a year eh? - Could be interesting, turn it into a theme pub (Saints and Sinners), or perhaps a Lap Dancing venue (must remove shoes) ban the locals and have emms only (well keep a few locals for colour) and it could be a money spinner. Wonder which Up Country type will do it!!! Keep supping!!
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

05 April 2004 11:30

Oh dear. It was a nice thought and reasonably argued but I think you'd best read what the 'saintly' Lucinda has just written about you before you make any further proposals for her beatification. Enjoy!

2. We have all heard the shit about roving gangs of 90+ kids terrorising the good folk of Ives, in reality they flock like gulls in bands much smaller, and then migrate like swallows when it is time for bed. They rarely congregate in bands much larger that 25 unless it's summer and they are on the beach (piss) PS I don't give a flying fuck about Winwaloe or your conversations with the sad twat.

See, what I have to put up with? That's just a snippet, the full diatribe will get promulgated next Friday. If she is representative of the skateboarding community (and, so she claims, Officer Trudes) is it any wonder that they are failing to 'win friends and influence people'?


05 April 2004 13:14

Now is this sad as per unhappy or sad as per gay as per modern parlance? - The answer will help to estimate the age. There are, of course, mature 16yrs old who do not need to descend to swear words and immature 40 somethings who do. You will probably realise by now that I don't care a flying seagull of what people think of me. That is the great advantage nof being a supreme being. Shame that she needs to descend to foul language; I had thought her powers were beyond that. By the way, any idea as to the current meaning of the word "twat". If the meaning has not changed it would be somewhat impossible for that to apply to me although presumably it would be OK for her, if you see what I mean. Keep up the good work. (perhaps she is a Townie?)

Vile Jelly

05 April 2004 14:12

No idea, still trying to get her to nail her colours to the mast (funny how these 'better-than-you' types seem to feel a deep-seated urge for anonymity. I wonder why). Like you, I am quite prepared to voice an opinion and have opinions voiced against me provided that the arguments put forward are legal, decent and truthful. Hiding beneath a cloak of foul-mouthed abuse ..... well, it has never been regarded as a valid or clinching argument, has it?

As I pointed out in my riposte to her we still only have her word that she speaks for WPC Trudes and/or OSSKA. If she doesn't, then it's just a pile of sub-moronic drivel that can de treated with richly deserved contempt. If she does speak for one or either, do Trudes and OSSKA know what words she is putting into their mouths?

As for 'twat' I presume it has the traditional connotation (can't say it's a part of the vocabulary that I regularly update), in which case she would be as wrong as she is foul-mouthed.

Difficult to feel any sympathy for her cause under the circumstances,
n'est-ce pas?


05 April 2004 16:55

anonymity - is that a town on the American seaboard? Why do they call it a board? Why not a seaplank, or a sealog, or a seaplanchet even? - Now, back to important issues. Have you seen any piskies recently (or have you stopped putting the meths in your beer) and has it snowed in St. Ives? -

Vile Jelly

05 April 2004 17:09

Yes, it's just a little of east of Imbecility, which is apparently located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC!
No-eyed deer. Mind you, having been (once and that was due to a weather-enforced change of plan) to Blackpool in winter and finding it was shut, I suppose it might be a linguistic corruption of 'bored'.
Important Issues:-
Saw Mayor Harry t'other Sunday. does that count?
I have no input into what goes into the beer (can't see the management of the Sloop adding a relatively expensive commodity such as meths to it, though!).
At 3.30 am, every odd numbered day in an even numbered month when the moon is in its first and third quarters.
PS. Are you going to send the saintlets round to avenge your honour and 'smack yo bitch up'?

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