Helen Bristol

24 April 2004 17:28

Welcome back

I only logged on to se if there were any developments ...and there you were - back.  Well done RT! You must have worked your little paws/hoofs/pincers/etc to the bone.  I bet VJ was a hard task master.  I can just see him prowling about getting increasingly difficult - and all for the sake of a bottle opener. Well at least things are getting back to normal and you'll all have to come out for a celebratory drink in a couple of weeks - the job should be done by then?  Tis a pity that you're hidden away in your tin mine what with the beautiful weather and all.

Reporting Team

25 April 2004 08:48

Eh, what? The webby's fixed? VJ must have done it while we were down the pub ..... er, we mean out on the streets reporting things. Ha! The fool!
This calls for a celebration. C'mon everybody, the drinks are on the Jelly.
PS. Has anyone seen the Shauns? They are quite difficult to spot down a dark tin mine.

Helen Bristol

25 April 2004 10:54

Didn't say it was fixed - just, there.
Mine's the usual bucket of vin rouge
PS Thought I spotted them gambolling about a field - well chasing the young lambettes ashley.

Vile Jelly

25 April 2004 11:21

So there!
Well, it was ..... until Soupie found it.
PS. Gambling in the fields? I shall have to have stern worms with them. It's hard enough keeping them off the fruities in the pub without them branching out into pastoral poker.
PPS. Lambettes? So, that's why they staggered home late at night burbling the Seekers' classic "I'll never find another ewe"!

Helen Bristol

26 April 2004 18:24

Thought she was a gin slinger.
PS I thought their juvenile status would have baa'd them from the frootie.

Vile Jelly

27 April 2004 09:04

What? Like Billy The Kid? I can assure you she has never shot anyone (left-handedly or otherwise). Anyway, she'll quaff anything suitably alcoholic normally. It's just beer she avoids as it tends to give her terrible wind and, believe me, you don't want to be in the blast radius of a dragon fart!
PS. Yes technically it's illegal but then their juvenile status also means that the law can't and won't touch them. How do you think they manage to spend all their time in pubs when they should be at skool? The odd time any grown-ups try to ruffle their fleeces they just go out and trash the town singing 'Law (uhhh), what is it good for .....' !

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