Lucy Watts

09 May 2004 15:26

Street maps of St. Ives in

 Hi. I am looking for Porthminster Terr. St. Ives. many thanks TR26 2DQ
!cid_88DB59CA-7D48-4D61-8B02-CD6B41627C97.gif (48237 bytes)

[The piccy came as part of the background of the e-mu, in case you're wondering]

Vile Jelly

10 May 2004 16:44

No idea off the top of my head. It's probably one of the pokey little alleys that are too small to get named on the street map. Somewhere in the vicinity of Porthminster Beach would be my 'educated' guess.
How desperately do you need to know? I'm a tad busy with a new job at the mo but will look/ask around during the week if there's no great rush.
PS. Is that really a piccy of you? If it is it might be an idea to reduce the HRT dosage!

Lucy Watts

10 May 2004 18:04

HI. Map is not all that urgent, still trying to get hubby used to the idea . No piccy isnt me, as you say, to many h.r.t tablets, but I can dream cant I .
thanks . 

Vile Jelly

15 May 2004 11:41

Viola! (As french mappers and musicians would say).

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