17 May 2004 12:39

The sun shines on the Saint

Well I am delighted to hear that you are back with the nose to the grindstone and earning a living. Just remember that hard work never hurt Anyone, it hurt a lot of other people but Anyone was fine. I suppose
this will be used as another excuse for delivering any worthwhile news or comment from that pathetic group termed the RT. I was down in Cornwall at the weekend and the sun shone brightly onme and mine. Was more in Hawker country than your end although younger Saintlet
did suggest, at about 7:00pm, that we drove to St Ives for supper.

Re the terrace ques. Could this be The Terrace that is near the station?
Good luck with the new job it will, at least, keep you out of the sun (it may even keep you out of the Sloop and The Lifeboat)
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

17 May 2004 15:12

Acshually, the Reporting Team are unlikely to be working on SSI again as they have applied for the recently-created vacancy at the Direly Mirror. We thought you'd like to take over as a new broom to spiffy up the site. Get your copy in by midday Friday please.

What was the younger saintlet doing up at that ungodly hour? Shouldn't it have been tucked up in bed with a glass of warm  milk and a good hagiography to read!

Found the Terrace in question, it was roughly where I thought. That's the trouble with this place, though. Just about anything from sea level to the 50 foot contour is called Something Street and anything higher than that is called Something Terrace.

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