Who Would Have Guest?

Penny Rees

05 May 2002 22:29

hi there, is it possible for you to send me some info on guest houses and cottage rental/hire around your lovely town. [It's not just his, other humans have bits of it, as well.]
if not then could you still reply. cheers
simon [We could have sworn you said your name was Penny!]

Reporting Team

06 May 2002 08:52

I don't have any about my person but would suggest you try contacting any or all (or none) of the following:-

Also, a general trawl through any half decent search engine (yahoo, freeserve, aol, google etc.) under something like 'St. Ives Cornwall' should produce a wodge of individual entries.
If you do find anything useful, make a booking or whatever, please give Spooky St. Ives a plug as the Reporting Team don't get a bean for providing this service and are forced to go busking on the streets to make a living!

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