Helen Bristol

25 May 2004 19:23

Grilled lamb

Lucy is distraught.  How could you be so crool.  He never did nothing, honest.  Muttered something about barbeques and jelly.
Curses.  Gill, you weren't supposed to have noticed.  Oh well back to the drawing board.  Good excuse for another trip to SI - not that I need an excuse just a private jet.  Anyway, the potter and his sidekick WILL vouch for us.

Vile Jelly

27 May 2004 15:11

As I have already pointed out to Gill, I only meant a grilling in the Gestapo sense. I wouldn't try to actually cook Shaun. He's a vicious killer sheep and would make kebabs out of me with just a few precision hoof-blows. Anyway, you can't barbecue Jelly (the RT has tried), I keep slipping through the gaps between the bars when I start melting!

Helen Bristol

27 May 2004 18:12

That was the whole idea - melted and evapourated.

Vile Jelly

28 May 2004 09:27

But then I'd be a noxious gas ..... well, even more of a noxious gas.

Helen Bristol

28 May 2004 17:35


Vile Jelly

29 May 2004 11:08

No, no. Now you're missing the point. You're supposed to refute the allegation of my obnoxity!

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