Helen Bristol

30 May 2004 19:27

Re: Running the country

Sob, sob.  The oldies seem to have this aversion to someone shuffling off this mortal coil without someone else to be there at the end.  Lets face it, when you're about to go you wouldn't know if you were on your own or not.  It's the peeps who are left behind who have the guilt trip. 
Don't agree. It's far more intriguing to be well liked, even loved, and to refuse to join in.  Makes you more mysterious, if not mythical.
How was the wedding?
Did you make it to the beerfeste?

Vile Jelly

31 May 2004 14:47

Actually, I always liked the graffiti reported in some bog-book: Poster spotted in a Maternity Ward somewhere 'The first three minutes of life are the most dangerous' under which someone had scribbled 'the last three are pretty dodgy too'!
Could I compromise and settle for being mytherious?
Which one!
Beerfest isn't until this Friday. Will be in sore need of a drink or too if I do manage to survive that long.

Helen Bristol

31 May 2004 16:32

As you wish.
D'know, I'm not in SI.  Can't think why people bother to get married these days.  I'd rather use the money for something important.
I'll let BM know.  Cheers.

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