Loic Rich

11 June 2004 15:58

Re: objective one

Hi Paul,
Do you know of other examples of absurd wastage of O1 booty?
I need about two more to string this together,
am waiting on the bishop, he should give this some extra bite!
its making me sick reading the glossy pr on some of these schemes, and to think I've just slogged my way through a post-grad course self funded, and they're doling it out to people with the right shaped teeth, or whatever...

Vile Jelly

13 June 2004 08:28

Nun that spring to mind. Being the arse-end of creation (even by Cornish standards) means we are generally the last to get anything down here. Including O1 swag. I would have thought the Edam Project upcountry would be a prime target. Not just the thing itself but all the stuff they've splurged on 'improving' the infrastructure of the area in pursuit of ever-diminishing returns.
Actually, we can't afford teeth of any description down here so I couldn't really comment on the significance of having the 'right-shaped' teeth!
Hope the bish comes across with the goods. If he does I shall have to take to calling him Deep Throat! Now would you rather be Woodward or Bernstein?

Loic Rich

14 June 2004 08:40

'eco-disney' is within my sights, you can be sure on that...

Vile Jelly

14 June 2004 10:16

Remember, squeeze the trigger, don't pull it!

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