28 June 2004 16:43

Re: The moan it moaneth every day

Not into footie or Wombledon although it did have a certain amount of attraction when AK the Ruskie was there. Equate Mr H with Mr B - lots of hype and very little else

Vile Jelly

28 June 2004 22:20

So, an interest in Miss Pornokova, eh? I trust that Mrs W and the sprogs don't know. Or Ms Zennor, come to think of it.

Have to agree with your assessment of Messrs B and H. I have been roundly chided for not being 'patriotic' and doing the headless chicken supporter thing. Given up trying to point out to people that just because someone is a moderate success by our poor standards does not mean that they bestride the world like a colossus. It takes forever to wash out the tar and feathers!

You can lead a Little Englander to water but you can't make him think.


30 June 2004 08:26

It's Ms Z that bothers me

Vile Jelly

30 June 2004 15:33

Believe me, it's Ms Zennor, you and the mackerel that bothers most of us!


02 July 2004 17:37

Yes but any adverse comment will be presented to the leaders of the PC brigade and you will get at least 10 years. If it can be proved to be a disadvantaged merrymaid that will be worth another 5 and if she can
be proven a poor swimmer then that is worth 5 more. Equally taking the water out of disadvantaged mackerel could be worth another 10 - You will probably be sent to Dartmoor (Devon) and never be seen again.

Vile Jelly

03 July 2004 09:58

A plague of viruses (viri?) on your PC!

Anyway, I'd be the one worrying if I were you. At the rate that dolphins, seals and basket sharks are getting washed up round here I'm sure it won't be long before the pair trawlers start bumping off a few mermaids. And, if we do run out of cod, I'm sure that our kind, caring London government won't hesitate to say 'Sod it! We'll let them catch mermaids instead. We haven't got any so it won't affect us'!

PS. Talking of Dartmoor, who do you think would win in a celebrity deathmatch between the Beast of Bodmin and the Hound of the Basketballs?

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