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Ed Care

19 November 2001 18:05

Spooky St. Ives Web Site

Thanks for such an enjoyable site.  I wish I had found your warning about the seagull bites before my visit last October.  I had just settled down to enjoy me pastie when I lost a piece of my cheek to one of those damnable birds. We plan to spend a week or so in October 2002 and will keep up to date with your website.  Part of the visit (no surprise) is to find some living relatives (CARE).  Spent only 3 days last visit and found most of those owning bits of land in Barnoon Cemetery!  Regards from Texas ...... Ed.

Ed, we tried to reply to your e-mail but we kept getting bounced because your end of the transaction seems to think we are trying to smuggle spam into the country (which we aren't as far as we are aware). Anyway, we can't stand spam and much prefer salami in our sarnies.

Tell us more about the seagull incident. Did you really fight beak-to-beak with it? What happened afterwards? We've been speculating for ages that the buggers were eventually going to remove someone's finger/eye/arm/small child.

Has anyone else out there got any gruesome tales of seagull savagings and avian atrocities?

Any Cares out there in St. Ives want to lay claim to Ed as a long-lost relative? You never know, if he's from Texas he might have some oil wells (you've seen Dallas so you know what it's like over there!).

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