Stranger Than Fiction!

Mike Slocombe

14 May 2002 12:01

Re: The Truth Is Out There!

Hi Paul
Nice to see you finally got your domain name sorted!

Just a quick note to say that an urban75-er has moved down to your patch -

take a look at the thread here:

All the best

Mike Slocombe (editor) urban75 ezine:
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Reporting Team

14 May 2002 16:01

Cheers Mike,

We were wondering why the sudden flurry of hits on the site. What it is to have friends in high places!

Not quite sure from the references who the mysterious Mr. Zeedoodles (wasn't he a song by Neil Diamond??) might be. We shall have to make enquiries. Did you know that the infamous Twickenham Seagull actually owns 5 Island Road, two doors down from us. Now that's the sort of coincidence that drives conspiracy theorists nuts!

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