Andrew Macdonald

19 July 2004 17:40

Would that be the full ullage or the empty ullage?
Somehow failed to make it to El Gatto Grosso (or Dave as he's called) so far, but I'll report back as soon as my mission is successfully accomplished.

Vile Jelly

20 July 2004 09:12

Or seag-ullage down here?
Far be it for me to correct you but I think you'll find that you are reporting back because you didn't get to the Massive Moggy. When you do get to the Flabby Feline you will, in fact, not be reporting back for some time!

Andrew Macdonald

20 July 2004 09:46

Or, there again, not.  I merely said I would report back as sons as my mission was successfully accomplished.  It could take weeks, months, even.

Vile Jelly

20 July 2004 14:31

Report back as 'sons'? Are you intending to have yourself cloned while you are there?

Andrew Macdonald

20 July 2004 15:20

Got to get someone to pay for the beer.

Vile Jelly

20 July 2004 16:59

A cunning scheme. Just like the architect's blueprint for the Vertical Assembly Building!

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