Maureen Morris

25 July 2004 06:32

Ponckles Art Gallery for Sale

I notice Ponckles art gallery is for sale. Do you know if Mrs. Ponckle (I donít know her real name) recovered from the stroke she had a while ago?

Vile Jelly

25 July 2004 10:51

I believe so. In so far as anyone recovers from a stroke. Which is to say that she is back on her feet. I don't really mix in her circles but I've heard second hand that resumed some sort of life after getting out of hossie but I don't think any meaningful further artistic output was on the cards.
Like I say, that's all hearsay, albeit from several independent sources, so the sale of the gallery would fit into that scenario. I think one of her sprogs ran the gallery while she was laid low but if she's not generating any more work then obviously you'd start running out of stuff to flog.

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