26 July 2004 13:34

Homes etc

Your piece on affordable homes is interesting. £50k for somewhere to live, however small. But this is too much you say! - Well think about this. £250 per week =£13k a year so we are looking at a multiplyer of c3.8. In the home counties a 2 bed terrace cottage (first rung of property ladder) can cost c£260k-£300k. So, let's take a teacher, newly qualified on about £24k a year. we are looking at a multiplier of 10.8 - Now let's look at a 2nd time buyer around here. 3 bed terrace cottage, asking price £360k. Income of young couple £35k = multiplier of 10.2! No these are not "made up" cases but actual ones. Now I accept that not everyone down there is on as much as £13k a year. Equally I accept that it is easy to play around with numbers. The point is that all things are relative and
not everyone east of the Tamar lives a life of luxury.
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe   

Vile Jelly

26 July 2004 14:16

Acshually, what I said (or meant) was that it was too much for a lot of the sort of people who were supposed to qualify for the scheme. Going back to the report it said that more than 25% of Cornish workers earned less than £250 gross per week. What amazed me was the complete bafflement of the housing bods as to why there had been no take-up on the offer. If more than 25% of peeps can't afford it (probably more than that as Penwith is the poorest part of Cornwall) and the qualifying criteria would appear to rule out most others for one reason or another, then I fail to see what's baffling the housing authorities.
Nor did I say that there weren't poor people elsewhere. It is implicit, otherwise there would be no peasants for you to oppress!


26 July 2004 15:42

Invent the Prefab!

Vile Jelly

26 July 2004 22:24

We have. It's called 'a derelict engine house'.

Roll on violent revolution, that's what I say. What have we got to lose?


27 July 2004 14:24

Quite a lot if history is anything to go by. However rumours of you being revolting appear to have got out. They are rebuilding Tyburne and the hinges on Traitor's Gate are being oiled. Will put a whole new meaning on when the lights go out! - - See Devon managed to save £4.5mio out of second home owners CT for low cost housing. Now, as it would appear that 200% of homes in Cornwall are second homes then the Council should have a huge windfall methinks - or not

Vile Jelly

27 July 2004 15:05

But it isn't. History should never be used to predict the future. Anyone with a degree in the subject could tell you that. And I just did. Glad to see you're getting into the spirit of things, though. 'Bout time you English patriots did something about the furriners in Buck Palace. Traitor's Gate will do just fine. Aux barricades!

As usual your news of this area is hideously out of date. Way, way back (I can't even be arsed going through all the old bulletins to find out specifically when it was that long ago) I reported that Cornwall County Council was already in full bicker as to what they were going to spend their second homes 'windfall' on. From (vague) memory I think the RT said that the debate was split into two camps; the local populace who thought it ought to be immediately ploughed into affordable housing projects and the county councillors who wanted to go on several fact-finding missions to Tahiti before making a decision!


27 July 2004 17:54

Yes it can - war - peace - war - peace - war - peace - See easy.  I heard mumblings (nothing to do with taking feathers of a sparrow) that the RT werre to accompany the DC's to Bali, Cape Town, Hong Kong, BVI and other places warm to check out the right sort of houses. Problem is there just isn't enough wood. Now, if you can make enough people think they are trees - The wheels on the bus go round and round -

Vile Jelly

28 July 2004 09:25

Hm, while vaguely understanding the 'naive' concept in painting, I'm not sure it can really be applied to scientific subjects such as history. Mind you, that sort of standard of interpretation could get you a job as a scriptwriter for Hollywood 'epics'!

Reporting Team wouldn't touch Cornwall, Penwith or SI councillors even with your end of a 20ft pole. Besides they are too busy at the mo deploying their flock of trained seagulls on the unwitting (or should that just be witless) ems and selling the proceeds (pasties, chips, ice cream, small children) to unscrupulous pub owners to be made into crab sarnies.

PS. What? You've got buses that go? Next you'll be saying you've got these new-fangled train things.


28 July 2004 14:04

Ah yes but the original concept called for something very similar to Tower Bridge. However, those west of the Tamar were concerned that if the bridge became stuck then the visitors from the East would not be
able to arrive bearing gifts of money, money, money. Thus, the bridge was designed as we see it today and the flow of Eastern money has never ceased - Look our for camels

Vile Jelly

28 July 2004 15:35

Hm, a fascinating if erroneous concept. Everyone knows that IKB used bog rolls to make the Tamar Bridge in the hope that it would collapse as soon as any volume of traffic from the eastern barbarians attempted to cross it. I mean, if he wanted a load of riff-raff down here why did he build his railways with a different gauge so that trains from the rest of the UK couldn't use it?

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