Lost In (Cyber)Space

Joan Clements

22 May 2002

Were the hell arewi

Hi [Hello, pleased to meet you]
Have tried to get the street A - Z without success couldn't even get a map of St Ives either, have I misunderstood what I can get from your site.  [You get loveable hedgehogs, sheep, flat persons, soup dragons, snakes and moomins. If you want more than that you will have to talk to the Vile One. Uh-oh, here he comes now. Ta ra!]

Reporting Team

22 May 2002 14:38

Er, not quite sure what you're problem is.
If you click on the We're The Hellawi bit of the main menu you should be taken to a page called Streets of Rage. There is a street map of St. Ives in it (which enlarges when you click on it) but it does take ages to appear due to the size of the graphics file.
If you then click on the line below the map which says 'Click on this link to go straight to the street A-Z' you should go to a long page called What's in a name which has an alphabetical list of street names. You can then either scroll down the list or use the little alpha short cuts at the top to get to the place of your choice. If you click on the grid reference (i.e. J8 or whatever) you then get taken to the relevant sector of the street map broken down into individual chunks.
I've just tried it and it all seems to be working properly so can only suggest you have another go as per the above. Maybe the servers were having a wobbly when you tried earlier.

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