10 August 2004 14:26

And so on

Just been chatting to a chum who paid a visit to St I last week. made the interesting comment that the number of visitors to St I used to be strictly controlled by the number of available parking places. However, with the advent of park and ride visitors are now shipped in until the place has burst at the seams. Presumably this is all backed by the Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Hoteliers Assoc and other assorted organisations dedicated to getting money into the St Ives coffers. This leads me on to your Pronouncement. You seem to be picking up some "flack" but it does not appear on your website or email section. So, where is the flack coming from and are you really a (relatively) new voice is an expanding wilderness?  You see it's OK for you sitting outside of your thatched cottage, watching the bees work amongst your cottage garden as you quietly sip a pint of Doombar and offer pleasantries to the passing visitor. But others have to work for a living! Hope the gulls don't tear out your thatch! - 
Benatugana - Tereba nessa - Winwaloe  

Vile Jelly

11 August 2004 15:10

Back from Monte Carlo already? How were Prince Ray and the kids?
I did think the idea of the Parp 'n' Ride scheme was supposed to get the traffic out of the town. Now, call be a boring traditionalist but ....., I'd have thought that having set it up the next key tactic would be to restrict access to the car parps so that Mr and Mrs Halfwit and their family of fools have to use the Parp 'n' Ride to get into the burg. Not so, according to the queues of traffic I barrel past at the 1,000 space 'sorry we are full' car parp up Trenwith. What could be causing this problem, then?
Now, I think that we have thrashed out in our myriad debates that (1) tourism brings money into the area (subject to usual caveats) and that (2) that money does not go into the pockets of Joe Q. Cornishbod. Therefore, I assume that what we have to look for is for some self-interested cabal which seeks to fill its own swagbags at the general public's expense. But the only groups that would fit that description round here would be ..... Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Hoteliers Assoc, etc.
Bugger me! You might have actually stumbled on the truth. Who'd have thunk it? You, of all people.
Now, all we need to do is somehow destroy this cabal. Any ideas?
PS. It's flak (from the german Fliegerabwehrkannone, meaning anti-aircraft gun), not flack (as in Roberta who sang 'Killing me softly with his pong'!). The difference between the two, I'm sure you'll agree, is quite profound, so no wonder you're confused. I can just imagine the chaos of explosions in Winwaloe Palace when you decide to get all romantic, then dim the lights and put Flak's Greatest Hits on the hi-fi!
Anyway, that's all very vieux chapeau, as the french say. Funnily enough, ever since the Pronouncement was promulgated the electric letterbox has been free from noxious communiqués (your good self excluded, natch). So, sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit ..... but, apparently, it's bloody effective!


12 August 2004 11:32

I have, of course, been giving you the answer for some time but, being a parp of very little brain, it was too confusing for you. However, well done as you have now seen the light shining out over St I's Bay. The answer is not to beat them but to join them. Far better for a few to have thousands than all to have half a groat (that is groat and not goat, although I suppose a goat would be a possible answer)So get thee hence and start up the Vile Eatery or something akin to it.

Problem with spell check is that I ofter don't look at what it is correcting. Also, anything from a foreign language (modern language to be pedantic)is of no interest: they should all learn English. However, I am
contemplating the idea of Winwaloese a cross 'twixt English and Cornish. When I become PM (the first and last Saintly one to do so with the possible exceptions of Winston and Maggie)I will insist, as part of my prog. for World domination, that the new language is spoken by all. Not really a Roberta Flak fan, more into classical and Iron Maiden

Course problem with park and ride is that the average human only has two arms and that severely restricts the amount of clobber (not to be confused with cobber) that they can carry to the beach.

On a forum, on which I sometime allow my great thoughts to appear, someone described sarcasm as intellect on the offencive.

Didn't notice any unusual emails on your site, did you keep them secret?

Now, no more digs at my contributions to your emails. Most of the others you get are simply private, very unfunny, jokes or emails sent in by your u3's fan club (well it looks like it)most of which would be better
off as private mail. With Winwaloe's Contributions you receive objective views on matters of great importance. Be very thankful you found me!

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