Gill Richards

17 August 2004 08:30

for what?
Fairy Nuff, i wouldn't want to do that much walking to work either. Did you get those terrible storms that soaked Boscastle? It could have swept all the ems out to see.

Vile Jelly

17 August 2004 14:53

So I can get deep into the night and start attempting to drink myself to death before the next awful day arrives.
We should be so lucky! Just had heavy showers but unfortunately not heavy enough to wash the town clean of the crème de la crud.

Gill Richards

17 August 2004 15:33

it won't work, you should know that by now after all you've had enough practice and the RT have drunk enough to flood Boscastle.
just the creme? surely you want all of the crud to go?

Vile Jelly

17 August 2004 16:48

Nonsense. I just need to find a way to drink more and faster. Perhaps when I get the spare mouths and arms I ordered off the internet .....
No. I meant that all the ems down here must be the crème de la crud of the nation's supply of tourists because you have to be rich to afford St. Ives in August (although not, apparently, rich enough to be able to afford manners).

Gill Richards

20 August 2004 09:16

You sure you ordered the right arms? there was something in the ad about drinking wasn't there?
Ah i see. you're right, v expensive. It seems though that if you have lots of money you don't need manners. Many wealthy people are rude to the 'minions' and there was a prog on tv recently about a family who owned land in Devon i think ( i didn't watch it) entitled " the f****n' f^^^^^^s". Lord f and his family who didn't have any money left but did have land and a house and swore worse than the Osbournes!

Vile Jelly

20 August 2004 10:51

I hope so. Mind you, I did wonder why I spotted the ad in What WMD!
Well, what can you expect from people who live beyond the pale (well, Tamar)? To be honest I thought everyone who came from east of Cardboard Bay spoke like that. They certainly seem to when they are down here for the hellidays.

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