Andrew Macdonald

20 August 2004 18:15

RE: Doom!

It's raining.  There's a surprise.
When I looked at the Housing Corp's website, the thing that struck me was that there are some big HAs in Cornwall, but I suspect that most of them are former district council housing departments and that maybe some of the bigger nationwide HAs ought to be encouraged to go west and boost the number of affordable homes for rent.  Anyway, I thought councils weren't allowed to flog off their housing stock anymore?
One of the attachments is for Gill, just in case there should be any confusion about knives, and the other is conclusive evidence that yours is not in fact a bumble bee suit at all.
wussy.jpg (10989 bytes) rye94.jpg (52356 bytes)


Vile Jelly

20 August 2004 20:03

Of course it is. Where do you think all the water in the EA bayous comes from?
I thunk not also but somehow the powers-that-be'nt seem to be able to manage negative housing, let alone negative equity. Perhaps we need god to send some almighty deluge to wipe the slate clean so we can start again ...
There's no confusion about knives. I've got one and you've got a Wusthof. Believe me, I know these things. When was the last time you produced a dozen melon fans, a dozen Parma ham salads and disembowelled a recalcitrant KP in the space of five minutes?
How did you get that picture of me getting out of bed to go to work?

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