Andrew Macdonald

21 August 2004 15:59

RE: Doom!

So who does keep flogging all your affordable housing?  I'm not sure about councils, but I'm damn sure Housing Associations aren't supposed to keep slipping the odd flat or two into the local car boot sale.
Proper German steel - none of your far eastern rubbish.  Chop, slice, dice, chiffonade, invade Poland, julienne - no contest.
Simple, really.  I typed "Jelly getting out of bed to go to work" into Google Images
Ok, I've had enough of G now.  As part of the ongoing SSI improve your word power service, we'll try C.  

Vile Jelly

23 August 2004 09:27

Dunno. Probably unscrupulous land barons from Surrey. It's unlikely to be the Cornese as they don't own anything round here. Don't forget our dearly beloved PHA were quietly in cahoots with the Tate and Cornwall CC to boot the wrinklies out of Meadow Flats to create some lebensraum for the exhibitionists.
Ah, but how is it for breaking allied POWs down into more manageable chunks?
Remarkable search engine. I wonder what it would take to get a googlewhack? Obviously no parental controls (ha ha, as if any parent knows more about internet security than their sprog!) if you can get pictures of me. No wonder they're flogging it for billions.
No thanks. I had enough of that from Windy. Just try it and I'll be forced to castigate you!

Andrew Macdonald

27 August 2004 17:14

Don't know about a googlewhack, but try typing Winwaloe into Google images.  And this is what you'll grow into.... moth.jpg (55343 bytes)
Went up north this week and as a reward had several fine pints from the North Yorkshire Brewery.  All apparently organic and all tasty and nutritious.
Anyway, must go.  I've got to slice a pork fillet into wafer thin slivers.  I'll tell you how it's done one of these days.

Vile Jelly

28 August 2004 10:19

A googlewhack is the rare occasion when you manage to type something into the search engine which produces no results. As you've discovered Winwaloe does not produce a googlewhack but instead conjures up all sorts of unpleasantnesses (such as himself).
Stop trying to make yourself a cynosure.
Yes, Helling said you were in Durhamshire. Did you manage to wangle a few pints of Fed?
You're welcome to demonstrate your skills by doing my shifts this week, if you want. That should settle whether you can do tuff cheffing or you're just a wuss.

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