31 August 2004 09:25

Re: My welcome return

Reminds me of the story told by Sutherland of the two club members discussing a new member. "The mans a bounder" says one, "worse than that," says the other "he told me has a house in the country but it's in Surrey." (or words to that effect). Anyway, as you don't live in Devon I don't live in Surrey!! My boys walk to school and my LR does go off road in appropriate places. has also been used for rescuing damsels in distress (floods) and various other useful things that the average jam jar could not have achieved. Jist as all you St Ivians are not rich hoteliers not all LR drivers use the car only for the school run (although it doesn't matter to me if they do, live and let live I say)

Vile Jelly

31 August 2004 14:03

Which Sutherland? Donald, Kiefer or Graham?

Eh? You'll have to run that one by me again. Because I don't live in Devon you don't live in Surrey? Analysis please Spock. Unless you have been giving out false addresses the last time I consulted an atlas Reigate was in Surrey.

But you wouldn't need to rescue people from floods if the Chelsea tractors weren't so busy causing global warming on the school run!


01 September 2004 09:35

Your sense of geography is only slightly less than your sense of reality! - This 4x4 thing is humbug created by those who read the Guardian, wear open toe sandals and/or ethnic clothes and sport patches on their coat sleeves regardless of how worn they are. Probably also read the Socialist Worker (surely the greatest contradiction of terms). There are lots of cars that do not have four wheel drive that drink as much petrol as a 4x4. We can then move on to trucks, vans, pickups etc. So, quieten down Paul boy and be thankful (like much of the World) that Land Rovers exist. Now, being so taken by your em quiz (that actually had more to do with village pump St Ives than a true em test) I am in the process of preparing a little quiz that you may wish to share with your readers. Will send as soon as work and writing schedule permit.  brm, brm

Vile Jelly

01 September 2004 15:48

Quote - My name is [irrelevant] from Reigate - Unquote.

So are you just lost or lying through your teeth. Or have you discovered some other Reigate that exists in a parallel universe?

We shan't hold our breath given the tardiness and poor quality of your previous efforts!

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