Stuart Freestone

31 August 2004 21:03

torrey canyon

hi i was one of the sappers who travelled down to your lovely town all those years ago
from Tidworth.  I see on your web page that there is no  mention of the Torrey Canyon or the work done on the beaches.  Could you tell me of any web sites that may have photos etc of that period.
Was well looked after by the local people at the Methodist Hall and would like to see any old pictures of that period.
Stuart Freestone

Vile Jelly

01 September 2004 09:41

Salutations to the Royal Engineers!
The Torrey Canyon is a bit old hat even by the olde worlde standards of Cornwall. Unfortunately, as I was only 2 at the time my parents refused to let me come down and cover the incident for Spooky St. Ives. Mind you, even if they had I'd still have had to wait another 20 years for the internet to be invented so I could publish the bulletin! Fortunately, as you know the BBC is actually older than the planet and so you might try investigating this link
Flailing that I suggest that you try investigating the newspapers, etc. that were around at the time as it was fairly well covered by the news agencies.
Can't seem to locate any local websites with much dirt on the TC. Although if you're in Penzance, go to the Admirable Benbow pub which (last time I was in many moons ago) had a cheery display of Cornish ship wrecks on the upper floor including the TC in all its glory.

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