Bra! Humbug!

Liz Ringrose

24 May 2002

Boob Job

Hello Team

I note from this week's Cornishman that a shop in Penzance is offering "a free bra fitting and consultation."  I'm led to wonder what exactly this involves. Presumably the women of Penzance can go in and bare all to the representative from Lejaby bras and she'll give her expert opinion. I wonder how much of a "hands on" approach this kind of job entails. What do I hear you say? "Nice work if you can get it."

Reporting Team

24 May 2002 17:16

We say 'Pah!'.

We wouldn't be constantly railing against the painful imbecility of 'visitors' to St. Ives if we enjoyed working with tits!

Now, if you will excuse us we have to go and have a lie down. We have been to the beerfest and the prognosis is not good.

In fact, ambulancemen were trying to revive the Sonics for several minutes until we were able to point out that they are naturally blue. Then they wanted to take the Shauns in for tests because they weren't making much sense until the Shauns pointed out that this was natural for them as they are only sheep. As for what they wanted to do to Flat Eric ..... well, we had to threaten to set the Soup Dragon on them before they would go away!

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