Paul Vincent

27 September 2004 12:21

Asking a man who knows...

Hi Paul,

Well, the annual hols are almost upon us - this time we're trying half-term week to see what St.Ives is like a bit later in the year. We usually stash the motor in the privately-owned Wheal Ayr car park for the week, since they do nice things like guaranteeing you a space on your return if you drive off for the day. Last year, half the car park was fenced off as a storage area for equipment being used for the repairs to the "pit of despair" (this was in July 2003), but we were still able to get a place. Soooooo... you being full to the brim of local knowledge, I wondered if you knew whether the Wheal Ayr car park is still in operation, or whether it's all disappeared under a building site (or into a pit)?

Hope the job at the Castle hotel's both tolerable and secure, and that you're keeping the Reporting Team in the manner to which they're accustomed.



Vile Jelly

27 September 2004 15:22

Greetings earthling,

The Great Wheal Ayr Hole is still being filled with reinforced even as we squeak. As a consequence of this vast monument to civil engineering/human folly* (delete where not applicable) the Wheal Ayr car park is now utterly defunct. The Ruggerby Club did a Parp 'n' Ride in the Summer but I don't think that they will bother for one week of half-term, so SI is minus one car park. Suggest you plan to get your car in early and carry a large, spiked baseball bat for dealing with ems suffering from car park rage!

Well, t'Castle is certainly secure. Guards, gates, ball & chain, etc. The only down side is they won't let us go up on the battlements and pour cauldrons of boiling oil on the ems. I'm not exactly sure about the manner but I am certainly keeping them in the pub to which they are accustomed. Every week I am left doing my Quasimodo impression; "Aaaagh, the bar bills, the bills!".

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