Gill Richards

11 October 2004 13:46

nightf ever
But then you can go to the pub without them and have a bit of peace and quiet yourself; it all works out see. You ought to try and replenish the cupboard with soft drinks, that'd get em!!!!
I was just about to ask why it cost so much before i remembered the news winge about no NHS in Cornshire. I had to have a busted filling fixed not so long ago, it wasn't expensive, but then i do have a NHS dentist, sorry. I think said dentist was pleased, i have been going there for the last 7 years and this was the first time he got to do anything!!
I try not to listen to Radio Bristol cos of all the thickie Bristolians who insist on ringing up and blathering about something that is completely uninteresting. Not helped by the presenter who asks them questions they have no idea about.
ps I would like to point out to you and Helling that if she were the only person left on the planet that it really wouldn't matter if she didn't understand about broadband etc because there wouldn't be anyone else to email too. And writing a letter wouldn't help because there wouldn't be anyone to deliver it, let alone receive it. And i don't unnerstand about it either, Paul does it all for me.

Vile Jelly

11 October 2004 15:05

Unil ever.
That assumes it's not a day in the slave pits, in which case I just have to sit on the doorstep getting soaked through until it is time to go back to wurk. Tried that. Still didn't work. Either they've got a still hidden somewhere or fizzy drinks have a different effect on cuddly peeps than they do on human beans.
Yup, that's Radio Terrapin too. Quite why the host doesn't give most of the callers a metaphorical slap in the face to make them get to the point is beyond me. Still, from the bits I've had to endure it would appear that all the ills of Cornwall and the world in general are the fault of the EU ..... which is secretly controlled by the CIA ..... which is just a front for the Illuminati ..... who are actually the dupes of mind-controlling aliens.
Damn! Why do people never point these things out at the time? There goes a perfectly good analogy up in smoke. No ISP's after a bio/chemo/nuko apocalypse, eh? Bugger. No on-line gaming, then. Still, at least that means that the phoneline won't be permanently engaged!

Gill Richards

11 October 2004 16:00

will you ever
how about a cafe, where you can sit and look at the sea, whilst sipping coffee...
apparently, at least Mr and Mrs Dimwit seem to think so. The fact that there dog is shi**ing on their garden certainly isn't their fault.
And it won't be BT's fault when it won't work!!!!!

Vile Jelly

12 October 2004 09:33

Cantil ever.
Tae, please. I'd rather sit in the caff and sip the sea and watch the coffee. Maybe a nice hot-buttered fruity bun ..... Hang on, do I have to pay for any of this? Bugger! Back to the doorstep then!
Of course not. It's the EU's fault. You can't even get your revenge by cruelly mistreating uninvolved passers-by, ethinic, religious minorities or paperboys. Bah! I'd have got away with it and had my malicious satisfaction if it hadn't been for those meddling kids in Brussels ...
What! You mean you are flogging dodgy phonelines? I always assumed that at those sort of prices they had to be bio/chemo/nuko apocalypse-proof. What if Helen needs to phone for a pizza?

Gill Richards

12 October 2004 09:51

n ever
Ooh yes, a nice Darjeeling. Mmmm, lots of butter..... probably, but it beats getting a cold, wet bum.
it's ok, Mandelson will look after it.....  !!!!!
Not me, i don't do that. No. There won't be anyone to answer the phone let alone make the pizza.

Vile Jelly

12 October 2004 15:21

Goldenretri ever.
But I am a cold wet bum!
What, he's still in the job? Surely he must have been caught up in some scandal by now?
I meant you collectively, not you personally. But if the phonelines aren't bio/chemo/nuko apocalypse-proof how are we going to ring up after Armageddon to claim our prizes that the e-mail/junk-mail has just told us we've been specially selected to win? Do you realise that with just one well-directed bio/chemo/nuko planet-buster bomb Osama Bin Laden could totally ruin your day. Just imagine, you've won a guaranteed £50,000/holiday in Hawaii/Ferrari/luxury cruise/50p Marks & Sparks voucher 

but you can't get through (at £50 per nanosecond, minimum call time two years). What a bummer!

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