Beckham And Eggs For Breakfast!

Susanne Woodman

27 May 2002 10:25

World Cup viewing

I apologise for raising what (given your exhausting time over the Beer Festival/Jubilee weekend) is probably also a sore subject, but do you know whether any pubs in St Ives will be opening early for World Cup breakfasts? 

My partner Phillip is coming down to St Ives with me next week and his main concern is whether he can watch matches on the big screen with a cup of coffee (or other refreshment) in his hand.

Best wishes


Reporting Team

27 May 2002 22:37

Sadly, as of going to press, we know not.

The Sloop always does brekkies anyway so will be open (but probably not for beer!). Whether the TV (small screen only, we can't afford that new-fangled big screen stuff) will be on is anybody's guess.

I would imagine that some of the lesser dives (3 Ferrets, Queens, Golden Lion) may be tempted into such indiscretions.

Anyway, what sort of a man comes to St. Ives to watch football? Maybe you should upgrade to a better model!

Susanne Woodman

28 May 2002 12:44

Thanks for info re Sloop breakfasts. He likes the idea.

Anyway, I can soak up the tea and toast and marmalade while "the other half" is weeping into his mug over usual disastrous effort by our noble team.

I'm afraid you must be imagining me as a nubile young surfer. Middle-aged women in glasses don't get so many offers!

Best wishes


Reporting Team

28 May 2002 19:48

Hell, Jelly doesn't get that many offers!

Well, less than one most years.

Anyway, back to Star Trek. The phrase 'noble team' ... explanation please Spock.

PS. Tell old thingy after he has finished his brekkie to make sure that he has licked his plate clean ...

... it saves time on the washing-up!

Susanne Woodman

29 May 2002 15:10

Sorry can't elucidate football or the advantages of oxygen tents in treating foot injuries [they protect you from the cheesy-foot odours!]. My interest in sport is low to non-existent and my own days of striding over Icelandic glaciers or up the Andes [wow, that's a big stride!] are a few years ago - mind you, it could be nice to do some whitewater rafting again (I've only actually done it once (in Peru)- not wishing to give the impression I'm one of these Outward Bound types), as long as the weather is warm (i.e. not Wales!)

Incidentally, I'm employed by [somebody], in an administrative not technical way, so if you need info on something for your house reconstruction project, I could try to get it.

Best wishes


Reporting Team

31 May 2002 10:04

There aren't any rivers down here but if you fancy a quality white-water/brown-trouser experience we can always but you in a rowing boat and push you out in the direction of Godrevy when the sea gets lumpy!

Actually, depending on how the game goes, if Mr. Susanne starts waffling on about footie you may feel like throwing yourself on the clashing rocks anyway!

Ta for the offer on the house. Jelly will let you know but we think he is starting to get the hang of it now. Hopefully, next time he'll remember to do the plastering and painting after the building work is completed.

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