16 October 2004 21:10

your website

Just like to say your site is [procreating] brilliant. I know you wont put this in your letters page because of my rantings but keep up the good work fella
A local, up country but never forgotten.

Vile Jelly

16 October 2004 22:14

Cheers Boy.
We aim to please ..... except in the case of rude, ignorant ems, in which case the reverse applies!


17 October 2004 11:35

Born and bread st ivean. May live up country but still visit 10+ times a year so less of the em please.

Vile Jelly

17 October 2004 15:19

Oh lawks, I wasn't referring to you, Boy. I was referring to the hordes of orcs who come down and ravage the burg every Summer. Hell, come to think of it, Spring, Autumn and Winter now!
I get the occasional e-mu from them saying "you can't say that about us, we make you rich, you have to like us" to which I reply "I can, not me you don't and no I don't".

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