Gill Richards

27 October 2004 13:51

RE: pah

I have just been reading SSI. Nice picture, were you under orders to smile?
Happy burpday for Sunday, is it really the big 40? Are you going away to commiserate, hence the news being late? Mine's tomorrow, my Dad's was 10 days before. I know more people with burpdays in October now than ever before! Perhaps the weather has got worse during the winter!
I've recovered now, must have been having a weak moment.
no monkeys then? btw the chap on the right looks a bit miserable, did he have a serving fork jabbing him!
no. or frogs, but they are actually poisonous to cats, did you know? No sparrow flavour either.
Urk, no. They are usually too old. Something to do with their position i guess. Hung or stuck on the top?
i'm off for the next two days so if your not there, drink lots and have a good day, enjoy the extra hour in bed!!!

Vile Jelly

27 October 2004 15:00

Ghastly, wasn't it? That's not a smile in my case but my usual death's head rictus I adopt when dealing with the public.
Ta. Yes. No, I'm going to turn back into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight (which might affect my ability to promulgate the news). Funnily enough, I've just been having e-mu conversation with Helling on that very subject.
Isn't that one of those new Cadbury's mini-sweet selections?
They can't afford monkeys, chefs are cheaper and have fewer rights. Alex was merely using the medium of his face to express our universal joy at the experience. That's why I was lurking in the background.
Hardly a very good selection. So, cat reincarnation is definitely out for me. The RT get to eat (and drink) anything they want so it's cuddly-peepdom for me.
Well, most of them seem to favour an expression that would indicate that they have had the pointy end of a crimbo tree inserted.
See y'all next week then (assuming I survive).

Gill Richards

27 October 2004 15:56

It's very good, you've obviously had lots of practice.
What do you mean turn back into a pumpkin.....sorry couldn't resist.
Yes, they're rubbish. Mind you if you knew what they put in thier chocolate you wouldn't bother with it.
Poor chap, he looks too young to be holed up there.
But what if you are owned by a sticky child who insists on taking you everywhere and chewing your soft bits?
Happy drinking.

Vile Jelly

28 October 2004 09:32

Especially this week. Half-term. Little barstewards. Brain-dead indulgent parents. Must resist urge to kill, must resist, resist .....
Feel free. Helling keeps saying I shouldn't put myself down but we know the truth of my hideosity and aren't afraid to admit it.
Not chocolate then?
He's 21, he's just had a very un-harrowing life (until he got chucked into the castle dungeon).
Well, like the RT, I'd only hang out with discerning (and beer-buying) humans. Anyway, doing the carnagery during half-term is exactly like being constantly mauled by slobbering sprogs, so no change there!
I usually am.

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