Helen Bristol

29 October 2004 17:48

Last week's promulgation

First of all: Wherever did they dig up that old photo of me?
Second of all:    Nice piccie, pity about the hat. Stll you know what they say... if you want to get ahead.....

Vile Jelly

30 October 2004 10:42

You were the page 3 girl in last week's Cornishman.
I thought the hat looked quite nice compared to what was under it!

Helen Bristol

30 October 2004 10:55

Why? What were you keeping under your hat? You've never seemed the secretive type....although... mebbe

Vile Jelly

30 October 2004 11:07

I was referring to that vile jelly-like creature occupying that space under the hat. Also, I have no secrets. Such are the investigative powers of the RT that all my former secrets have been exposed to the public.

Helen Bristol

30 October 2004 15:03

How boring. Not even the odd skeleton in the cupboard under the stairs? I'll have to have a chat with Soupie, I'm sure she'll have some dirt to dish.

Vile Jelly

30 October 2004 15:33

Helling, dear heart, it is I, Soupie.
DON'T mention the skellingtons. VJ has tried to bump off as many ems as possible and so far no one has noticed but he's running out of cupboard space. He tried to persuade us to scoff them but even the Shauns, who are vicious killer sheep, refuse to gobble offal. And why should we? We live off a perfectly balanced diet of beer, g&t's and wine gums. They're tasty and nutritious. Dead ems aren't.

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