Ghost Store-ys?


28 May 2002 00:36


I read somewhere in the labyrinth that is your site, that a Sainsbury store had recently been opened 'near' St Ives. I made enquiries to Sainsburys as to the whereabouts of said site only to be told that no such store exists.

Was I hallucinating, was I merely being misinformed, or is this a start of a new Cornish legend.

If you could shed any light on the matter I would be most grateful, as would the Sainsburys customer manager one Lucy Hamlet who has asked me for the URL to your website. 

We are coming to St Ives shortly, alas only for two weeks, and had hoped for the convenience of a large stores near to hand. I  thought, until told otherwise by Ms/Miss/Mrs L Hamlet, that we were in luck, now it looks as if was the figment of someone's imagination or the result of too much time spent in the Sloop. Anyhow, any help on the matter would be etc... 

Love your site, keeps St Ives close to hand from summer through the cold months through to summer. 

Yours Robert Broderick. 

PS I have since been unable to find the reference to the mysterious non-store.

Reporting Team

28 May 2002 09:09

That is because it doesn't exist!
The Sainsburys reference was part of a thread on the Urban75 site (see Stranger Than Fiction!) that got forwarded to us. We had never heard of a Sainsburys in the area but didn't want to disabuse them of the notion for fear of driving away casual visitors from Spooky St. Ives.
The place to which we think they were originally referring is actually a Tesco which is situated in the De-Militarised Zone between St. Ives and Cardboard Bay. Not a very 'super' market by anywhere else's standards but down here anything which contains more than a dozen tins of baked beans qualifies as a hypermarket!
PS. The 'labyrinth' is specially designed to keep hold of our few Spooky St. Ives visitors for as long as possible. Also, if any of them give the Reporting Team any lip we set the minotaur on them!


28 May 2002 18:14

There's a Jubilee??..Whose.

Reporting Team

28 May 2002 19:50

The Sex Pistols.
Didn't you know it's almost exactly 25 years since they did God Save The Queen?
Where have you been? Working at Radio 1?

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