Gill Richards

02 November 2004 12:00

You managed to resist i trust? Why is it parents do that? I guess they weren't indulged as kids and they may feel cheated by it, but surely they realise by the age of two that their little brat isn't going to be nice from being indulged so perhaps their parents had a point after all.
She's right, you musn't put yourself down, let others do that for you.....
very little. lots of sugar and e numbers.
But how could you be sure? Didn't you put cabbage and sprouts on just to get them?

Vile Jelly

02 November 2004 14:41

Not telling. Well, that's what my solicitor has advised me to do for the time-being.
And they do.
Sugar I can cope with but are you sure they're putting large numbers of E's in them as well? No wonder they are so popular.
I didn't sneeze.
Well the RT didn't seem to have any trouble finding me so there's always hope. Oddly enough we don't do sprouts and on the occasions we do cribbage (red, white or savoy) we always make it edible by cooking it in something. (As opposed to the traditional British method of boiling it to buggery in order to remove any flavour, texture or vitamins).
Still need more practice though, I reckon.

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