Les Williams

03 November 2004 16:45


In your news last week (29th Oct, first paragraph of Feral and Laniferous) you seem to have confused Lech Walesa with Karol Wojtyla.

Best Wishes

Les Williams

Vile Jelly

03 November 2004 19:23

Urk, you've lost me there. As far as I am unaware both Mr. Solidarnosc and The Poop are Eastern Poles, whereas Cap'n Oates, like so many visitors to Penzance, famously came unstuck at the South Pole. The South Pole must be at PZ because if there's anything further south of PZ it is probably french and therefore unfit for human occupation.

PS. When I dwelt on the IoM I used to know someone who was actually a descendant of Oatesy. Every time he left the room I couldn't help but wonder if I'd ever see him again!

Les Williams

04 November 2004 09:25

It was just a silly joke about mixing up your Poles with your references to 'lost arctic explorers' and 'doing an Oates'.

Anyone who is a descendant of Oates has a very dodgy ancestry. Have a look a this link


Your site (in my opinion) is more interesting and better value than the T&E (zero v 40p+) and it also doesn't have three boring letters a week about the traffic situation in SI.

Vile Jelly

04 November 2004 09:46

Nice link. I'll have to mention it again to Sam if I ever bump into him
again. Oddly enough his family moved to the IoM from the Sarf of Ingerlund .....

Of course, Oates was ahead of his time and in getting a 12 year old up the duff  was merely anticipating the SOP in the 21st century. Also, good to see that the British genius for incompetence, mismanagement and shambolic organisational skills was so perfectly demonstrated in the whole story.

PS. When you refer to the T&E do you, in fact, mean the Harry Isaacs Picture Post? Perhaps they could kill one stone with two birds and just have pictures of Harry concernedly reading letters complaining about the parking in St. Ives.

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