Helen Bristol

05 November 2004 17:30

Re: Last week's promulgation

Of course I was in synch, otherwise I'd've had bits floating off in all directions. And I was in synch with the music cos that was in my head.  Out here in the bayou we don't yet have piped musak at the community pool.
Preparing to batten down the hatches now until 2nd January as poor old CM hates things that go whizz and bang.  His nerves are pretty well strung out at the present as we've got 5 blokes (lucky old me) and a mini JCB deconstructing the back garden.  CM doesn't like strangers on his patch.

Vile Jelly

06 November 2004 10:46

Sorry, that was a typo. I was referring to the possibility that your swimming pool facilities in the bayou might be a tad limited. What I meant to say was 'in sink'.
Typical! People go on about how superior cats are but at the end of the day they are just as neurotic as their owners. You don't see the RT cowering under the bed when the world starts exploding around them. It was typically noisy last night. The best bit was that if you went on the Porthgwidden side you could see all the fireworks going off along the length of the coast. Very apocalyptic. Yet to find out yet if anyone has maimed or mutilated themselves in an amusing manner although it looked like the local sproggery were determined to have a damn good try.

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