Steve Collier

25 November 2004 20:42

no news is good news?

Hi Paul,
Now I realise that this might be an issue of some sensitivity but I do think that winwalloe has a valid point. When I'm on my foreign travels and out of range of the T&E I regularly check out SSI via the wonders of internet caffs and more recently by our onboard comms as we now have live internet on the ship.
Since 'w' has been cast into the outer darkness the amount of local gnus is now minimal - methinks you will have to increse the doom allowance of the reporting team.

Vile Jelly

26 November 2004 11:29

The lack of local gnus has nothing whatsoever to do with Windbag and has everything to do with the fact that right now I have far more pressing problems than keeping SSI up to date. When you consider that I have never got any assistance or reward for my efforts for over three years and that all anyone seems to do is complain when I don't produce perfection week in and week out and demand a refund for something they get for free ... is it hardly any wonder that I don't give a flying fuck?
Actually the absence of news last week was due to a blunder on my part. There was a news bulletin but I launched the site update with the previous saved version that had the e-mus but didn't have the news bulletin in. I was going to do a new bulletin this week but I don't think I care now.
Let Winwaloe do it.

Steve Collier

26 November 2004 20:15

Come on Paul, don't give up on us news starved emigrees - I'll even buy you AND the reporting team a half of doom when I get back.

Vile Jelly

27 November 2004 15:13

Well, if you will flit off to strange foreign parts ..... Where are you? Falmouth?
The Reporting Team are beavering, well, hedgehogging, sheeping, etc. away. Update imminent. In the meantime, try to stay off the bilgewater and don't get barnacles on your bottom.

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