Gill Richards

29 November 2004 13:50

RE: pah

Someone else always gets the credit.

The Ukraine, which you now about now cos i've read the gnus. Hopefully they've sorted it out now without himself larging it (i'm amazed your pronouncement of 'George' got through the spell police). So he's got another 4 years to do whatever he likes cos it won't affect his re-election. I don't want to think about Arnie being pres, whoever told him to say 'i'll be back' should be shot.

I did try to read the Narnia book when i was younger, i never really got to grips with them. If they are very much Christian clap trap that explains why. Also at about the time i would have read them the BBC did a series where the little girl was so sicky it put me right off.

Are you feeling better today? the end of last week was obviously not good.

Vile Jelly

29 November 2004 16:03

Not me. I can't get any credit.

Dubya probably wasn't paying attention as usual and thought they said 'nuke rain'. Couldn't pass up the chance to try and launch a few of those big rockets he found in the shed.

Ironically, Lewis was a raving atheist for quite a while until Tolkein, who was a committed pope-worshipper, talked him back into believing in god. But Lewis reverted to his previous protestant nuttery instead of converting to JRR's catholic nuttery. Tolkein was most miffed!

I always feel better on a Monday (because the weekends are always so foul). Nevertheless the conflict between the faeces and the ventilation continues unabated.

Gill Richards

02 December 2004 08:13

Just take some.

Would they be the missing weapons of mass destruction?

Fool, have faith in your convictions, the church does. ha ha

I know exactly what you mean, it's flying all over the place here. i was looking forward to xmas as half of the jobs i am doing will finish, but now i learn that i'm getting a load more, so i might be feeling a little unwell......

Vile Jelly

03 December 2004 09:21

I've tried but I can't find any shops where you can.

Nah! If they've got the stars 'n' stripes painted on them they are fully
justified means of self-defence. It's only when other people try to defend
themselves with them that they become WMDs.

Given all the paedo-priests I would have thought it more accurate to say
that they have convictions in their faith.

Told ya. Get on the bone to Claims Direct .....

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