Gill Richards

07 December 2004 16:02

RE: pah

You can't be looking in the same place as me then.

Like Wonder Woman? Surely if you look hard enough they'd have stars and stripes on from when they were bought from the Americans?


oh no..

Vile Jelly

08 December 2004 09:39

Well, of course, it doesn't help that there actually aren't any worthwhile shops in St. Ives (or Cornwall generally).

Couldn't stand it (or the 6 Million Dollop Man or any of that cheesy 70s superhero guff on TV). You underestimate the power of the aerosols (not sure if that's correctly spelled or pronounced) in the CIA. That's why they wouldn't let the UN weapons inspectors into Iraq for ages. The paint hadn't dried on the Iraqi flags they'd just sprayed on the missiles and they hadn't had time to attach the 'I Love WMDs' stickers.

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