Andrew Macdonald

17 December 2004 11:45

RE: You are not alone.

Lang may yer lumb reek.
Was this part of the bouncing cosmonaut theory what I seem to vaguely recollect from many moons ago?
Empirical research yesterday came parlous close to proving that a camera obscura is in fact plod in a yellow van with a box Brownie, but the less said about that the better, as long as the cheques keep arriving........
Sprouts are on their way.  We're sending a couple of container loads down to keep you going over the hols, and because we really are the good guys, we've thrown in a net or two of January King for variety.

Vile Jelly

17 December 2004 15:20

My lumb or my bum?
Dunno. What was the bouncing cosmonaut theory?
Tusk, tusk, not speeding were you? I'd appeal immediately. Everyone knows that there are only animal trails and mudflats in East Angular. Therefore, or as George Best would say, dipso facto, you could not have been moving, let alone speeding, in a wheeled vehicle. But what if Slovaks start turning up as well?
You weevil bar steward! In retaliation we shall send the Heinkels to bomb out Mr. Chimbley while panzers of Tribute overrun your pubs.

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