Gill Richards

20 December 2004 09:05

RE: pah

I bet no student has ever thought of doing such a different research topic! I have been expanding my capacity this weekend; away with my brother and his wife who both teach at Manchester uni.....

Vile Jelly

20 December 2004 09:36

Aha, my alma mater. No idea what that means, my latin is a tad rusty.
Something about somebody's mother I think.

Did you go out on the razz down the curry mile in Rusholme or hit chinatown for the authentic taste of the orient? Lots of good nosheries in Manchester, just a pity the place is full of mancs*.

*Although, no Man Utd supporters for, as any fool knows, 117% of Man Utd supporters have never been to Old Trafford to watch a game.

Gill Richards

20 December 2004 11:21

Does that mean you went there?

We didn't go out at all, apart from to the Laser Quest place as it was small nephew's birthday. My Bro had booked me a place, so i had to go in and shoot children with a laser gun. What fun!! I thought the little ones were off limits thought so i kept shooting the teenagers, who thought they were clever. Having never done it before i got the 4th highest score of the day. Which as we were playing against children doesn't count for an awful lot, but was strangely satisfying.
We had full xmas dinner cooked by Bro and very nice it was too.

* my youngest nephew claims to support ManU but as he never actually goes to see them and has no posters/ clothes etc i think it might be the usual 10/11 year old playground thing.

Vile Jelly

20 December 2004 21:52

I did. But I don't remember doing anything to anyone's mother!

Nothing more satisfying than shooting smart-arse teenagers. If you think that was fun you should try it with real guns. Most satisfying. Mind you, you were probably lucky you didn't get the top score. Toady Blah would probably have drafted you to go and fight in Dubya's occupation of Iraq.

No, it's a well-known scientific fact that the degree to which you are a Man Utd fan is directly proportional to your distance from Old Triffid.

Gill Richards

21 December 2004 14:39

I should think not!

A very good feeling, not sure about the real guns though, you wouldn't get the same look of amazement on their faces when they realise some woman has managed to shoot them when they thought they were the best. My brother got the top score, but keep it quiet.

I see. Those things scared me when they had their day.

Vile Jelly

21 December 2004 15:28

I wholeheartedly concur.

You do if you shoot them in a painful but non-vital spot! Like the brain.

Did they put the wyndham up you? Or how about a christmas kraken?

Gill Richards

21 December 2004 15:45

Or a bit further South

run away......................

Vile Jelly

21 December 2004 17:06

Don't they use those bits? Constantly. Well, judging from the number of 12 year olds up the duff these days.

Aha, the traditional battle cry of the office worker at 5pm!

Gill Richards

22 December 2004 11:11

So if I shot them there'd be fewer teenage mothers. I'd be doing a public service.

especially if there are triffids about.

Vile Jelly

22 December 2004 15:29

In theory. But I get the impression that they breed like rabbits (as well as having brains like rabbits) and so you'd have to shoot an awful lot before you even made a dent in the up-the-duff statistics. Still, nothing ventured .....

Yes, I hear that the rush hour usually causes lots of triffid jams.

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