Helen Bristol

20 December 2004 17:33


Thought you might be interested in some choice phrases from a book what I have just finished reading*:
"A time will come when the mass invasion during the peak holiday season of August, with a lesser influx in June and July, can no longer be absorbed"
"That stalwart band of Cornish nationalists, Mebyon Kernow, would........put people into black kilts, speaking the old Cornish language, with a Parliament west of the Tamar"
and not a lot changes..."Surf-bathing has been a sport for many years, indulged in by those who understand the hazards, but today the tourist who has learnt to swim a dozen strokes in his local swimming bath ventures into the Atlantic rollers with total ignorance of their power, often disregarding the warning flag."
but, then again, perhaps this Cornish no longer interest you?
* "Vanishing Cornwall " by Daphne du Maurier

Vile Jelly

20 December 2004 22:02

Quite true. Mind you, Daphers wouldn't recognise the current place as Cornwall if it bit her on the bum.
I think the only reason places like St. Ives haven't reached critical mass and imploded from the weight of emmets is because it has been considerably expanded and re-developed from Daffy's day. Of course, there is only so far you can expand and re-develop St. Ives before it ceases to be St. Ives. I'm sure you could fit a lot more tourists in if you disassembled the Shambles at York or got rid of the parks in London.
People may sneer at the concept of Cornish independence (Winwaloe certainly did) but I know a magic land where Celtic people maintain their cultural identity, society and economy free from UK interference and do very nicely as a result, thank you very much.
It's hardly surprising that the ems haven't learned better bathing skills, since I suspect (given the way they ignore all the current warning signs on the beaches) that they can't read, let alone read DDM.
Still, as you surmise, it's not my problem any more.

Helen Bristol

21 December 2004 19:13

So, when's the impotent pronouncement going to be made?

Vile Jelly

21 December 2004 21:44

Hopefully, not much longer after I've finished starting it and started finishing it. Wurk and other unguent errands keep (christmas) hampering my efforts.
Thugsday probablement. If not, Crimbo Heave at the latest.

Helen Bristol

22 December 2004 17:55

Hope it won't be too upsetting - I've had one of those weeks.  First, one of the staff (your sort of age) said she had something to tell me and are you sitting down - pregnant.  Then today I've spent most of the day chasing around picking up other peoples' problems. So if I'm going to be upset I'll need a large G&T before I read it. Added to which its crimbo...

Vile Jelly

22 December 2004 21:27

Up the duff at my age? Lawks, she should have grown out of that sort of thing by now.
And why run round picking up other people's problems. Sounds like the sort of task people who have puppies have to undertake. The solution to both problems is the same - get hold of the perpetrator and rub their nose in it!
Promulgation should be tomorrow. 'Pends on your definition of bad news. Feel free to consider it as such if you can't find a better reason to have a bucket of G&T (Soupie has no such quibbles).

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